Bring the light to our Life by A remote or standing power device to generate electricity out of Solar energy.

We work in Upper Egypt, specifically in Aswan governorate. We aim to serve 10 villages deprived from electricity 12 hours per day and 50 fis
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I am director of a craftsman training center and I work in training for the operation has been observed that many villages the population do not have access to electricity, especially after the increase in electricity prices, and they desperately need them where they work and their children are studying all day and They can not Altaaah at night so the top of the design and implementation unit Solar sufficient lighting a simple house in the poor villages in Aswan for 18 House first stage cost of this unit is equal to 12,000 Egyptian pounds

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Aswan, Egypt
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$200 or more
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200$ discount on any unit
$650 or more
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The mobile unit of energy of 100 watts
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The mobile unit of energy of 200 watts
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