Is a project handmade-design and fashion industry to reduce the unemployment of women in Egypt and work to open a port for the costumes Egy
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

Idea of the project began when searching for a unique piece and be orgenal and the price is appropriate, but if you find a unique piece, the price will be high, and if you find a piece with the right price, the quality is low but not fantastic as the wish for

That is why I came up with the idea there is in Egypt worker atelier in manual and detail filled and filled stitch and that the unemployment rate in Egypt of the women about 40% according to the last statistics, can be more, and our working women are housewives and graduates of the University of professionals do not have the opportunity to work to increase their midst I am of them girls and sisters so I thought I have a place where I can be built upon this project for the production and the design and implementation of cutting Craft and clothing were agreed with the ladies and the work of the primary pieces of simple design potential and will see in the video.

What is needed to help us in buying Machines should and raw materials to produce and implement the design, sale and open a new outlet, and I hope for the Egyptian woman

Here comes your turn to help us and become a supporter and friend of the renaissance woman.

If you do not have money that can help me to publish our project on the networking sites to get support


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Al Jizah (Giza), Egypt
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She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Cairo University Department of Business Administration And I got a course costume design And Course Accounting Malle And of course human development And worked in e-marketing Active in charity and women's rights Adore reading…

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$5 or more

400 Available

You are now supportive of our project and will be written on the wall thanks to our support us and we will put your name on our page for the project in recognition of your support for us and we will send you a certificate of thanks and appreciation for your help
$15 or more

200 Available

You are now a member of 4lady Club on this you will get to guide your support for us, a T-shirt imprinted with the logo 4lady and your name on it and you will also get a special discount on any design of our determination
$20 or more

100 Available

Cardigan Velvet long embroidered and beaded on lace And you will get a gift with him the and can choose any color of the velvet Shipping in Egypt for free International shipping add $ 15 to the price
$23 or more

100 Available

Jacket Gogh wonderful Free Size beaded embroidered on the chest, you will get a surprise to gift him Shipping in Egypt for free International shipping Add $ 15 to the price
$23 or more

50 Available

vest leather black embroidered on the shoulder sequined and beaded with fringes will get a free gift with him Shipping in Egypt for free International shipping added $ 15 to the price
$1000 or more

6 Available

You Lists privileged to have so you will be Special offer Get 8 pieces of chioce from any combination we design lifetime with thanks and appreciation to you in your wall Free shipping inside and outside Egypt.
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