Place on the Intranet to communicate on the three-dimensional map of real people, and three-dim
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

3D People

New idea will advance the Arab homeland

Description and method of profit, updates, Oukaah completion


End the place on the Intranet to communicate, for example Facebook, but the three-dimensional map of what to be closer to the truth and all Laconte or individual has a personal wandering omitted Kevm pleases

2. The method of profit

Abbar advertisements on buildings and people tri-dimensional brand speak with people

And the possible stores where brands a piece of publicity is to choose the right product for them


Tvieilha with three-dimensional glasses

It can be on the phone all personal identification surfed to be gauged by Huetoa Privacy

4-and factual completion

I studied a lot I see a piece of the success rate of implementation we are using the pots

javascript and WebGL

And advanced features can be implemented

If there is any inquiry can communicate with me on Facebook

Ahmed Andaloes

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