3arabcycle: a collective bicycle journey across the Arab nation

A collective bicycle journey across the Arab nation to connect & build
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?


The dream

I have a dream, to cross the Arab nation on bicycle, living as simply as possible throughout the journey, and leaving no traces environmentally.

It's a dream about a nation that is bridged with fear and agitation, crossing these borders of fear and interconnecting, inspiring people to take such journeys to build bridges, I want to take people along this journey with me, so that we become a collective, a movement, to make what seems the impossible possible.
We start with little things to make a difference.

The journey, the details:

 The journeys we take is about self-discovery in addition to experiencing people and places....

What? The journey will involve cycling and outdoor camping in general and home stay dwellings as per the weather conditions and areas.

Who? The bike journey will involve around 5 people with different fitness levels and professions.

Why? The journey will be done through urban and rural areas and will aim to meet different communities and inspire young people to take on such journeys whether physically or mentally; to break down fear and learn through traveling experiences plus building a better future for themselves and others.

When? The timing and duration of the journey will be dependent on the mapping of the journey.

How? They will be selected through an open call in order to give the chance to everyone who is interested in taking such a journey.

Where? The journey will aim to cross Lebanon-Jordan-Iraq-Egypt-Libya-Yemen-Morocco-Algeria-Tunisia generally and may expand/change or involve other Arab countries depending on the mapping plan and sociopolitical situations.

As this journey is crossing the Arab world, we hope we will all have a chance in the near future to cross all of the Arab countries so that it is a complete journey.

Preparation Training for the long bike tour and a preparatory training will be given in order to be ready for the journey.

The unexpected The itinerary may change according to sociopolitical events at the time of occurrence.

Follow us The journey's preparatory period and trail marking will be shared via a blog and a Facebook page in addition to videos in order to help anyone else in initiating a similar journey to use these tools.

The detailed itinerary maps, planning, and organizational details plus events will be posted for the contributors to see once the organizational meeting is set.

Documentation The documentation of the whole journey will be shared first hand with all those who have helped us in our crowdfunding campaign.

Events An events calendar will also be created in order to designate the events happening at the journey's camping landmarks.

Invitations Invitations to the events will be sent out according to the scheduling of the journey and arrival dates.

Ceremonies An opening and closing ceremony will also be open for all those who have contributed to this campaign.

The beginning and the end The selection of the starting point and ending point of the journey will be made upon discussion with the team.

Part of the values The journey is also encouraging a no trace environmental impact and a minimalist approach to traveling.


You In order to make this dream happen, we will need your help.
With a little contribution, you can make a difference; you can be part of the journey.

The money
We will be needing an amount of 65,000$ to cover the needs relating to the journey

Where the money goes
-Zoomaal fees+ bank fees + rewards payments: 12,000$-15,000$
-Bicycles/ gear/ training for 5 people including all needs for the long bike tour: around 15,000$
-Opening and closing ceremonies plus camp events: 15,000$
-Logistics including flights/ transportation/ home stays + camping fees/ food/ emergency + medical fees/ documentation/ social media/ journey consultancy and professional advice:  20,000$

Sponsors  We are looking for sponsors (Gold -Silver-Bronze) who will have a great chance to be promoted throughout the journey, through the social media, opening and closing events, the media and will have a great exposure!

Thank you  By contributing with the amounts of 100$-50$-25$, you will be having your name on the T-shirt of the journey takers, you will be taking the journey literally:)

The real cool stuff you get

-For all contributions of 25$-50$-100$ You will have the journey's T-shirt  with your name on it sent to you as a thank you for your contribution. 

-For a contribution of 50$ :an invitation to be part of the camp events for a night or two depending on schedule and location, you will meet the team, listen to the stories, tell you own and live the dream! 

-For a contribution of 100$: you will have the chance to be part of the draw for being part of the traveling team.
It will be a great experience and a memorable journey!


INSPIRATION :The impact of this campaign will be a ripple effect, as others will be inspired to take a similar trip across the ARAB NATION and this will push the idea of boundaries and fears ,its a realization if ONE'S DREAM COMES TRUE, then mine and yours will come true too, this will build bridges above political and religious tensions, it's CONNECTING YOUTH who are determined to grow and change, and journeys like this break down inner fears and helps people GROW in ways they have never imagined, the impact is on the person, the community, the country, the nation.

For a better today and tomorrow.


It would be great if you can contribute to this campaign by HELPING SPREADING THE MESSAGE ACROSS, especially to people whom you have heard have a similar dream, for they may have a chance to make it true and be part of this journey, and that will be really making so many dreams come true in every sense, and know that if you have a dream, do not let it go, it will happen, make it happen, have no fear, all the boundaries are those in your head.

Come with us, live your own dream, create it, on this journey that will cross boundaries in your mind.

Helemna Bijma3na.

3arabcycle Bijma3na.

(Note: This project was inspired by Zoomaal's  introduction of the "Made by Many " challenge,but has been placed under the general category of projects)

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$25 or more

50 Available

Each person who has contributed to the project will have his name printed on the T-shirts of the team crossing the Arab nations ,in addition to a customized T-shirt that will be sent to all those who have contributed ! You are part of the dream!
$50 or more

25 Available

Each person who has contributed to the project will have his name printed on the T-shirts of the team crossing the Arab nations ,in addition to a customized T-shirt that will be sent to all those who have contributed ,and will have an invitation to take part in the events throughout the journey!
$100 or more

23 Available

Each person who has contributed to the project will have his name printed on the T-shirts of the team crossing the Arab nations ,in addition to a customized T-shirt that will be sent to all those who have contributed ,and will have the chance to take part in the journey !
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