We're a student activity interested in teaching languages, we decided to teach 300 student (English - German - French - Spanish - Turkish)
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

BTL (Born To Learn) is a student activity that spread in 5 universities (Cairo/Al_Azhar/Ain Shams/MUST/6th of October) and started its work on March 2013.The team was established by a group of university students aiming at teaching languages in extraordinary ways through activities, practice and creating an interactive environment that helps for a faster learning.

Our Vision:

Culturing, Qualifying, Employing.

Our Message:

Filling the gap between the education and labor market, especially the field of languages.

Our Goal:

Establishing a parallel university in which we teach the youth what they need for the labor market and different fields in various languages academically and practically,in particular the fields of (HR/PR/Computer/Islamic studies /Teaching.)

The team is working now on teaching these languages: English/French/ Turkish/ German/ Spanish/Italian.

Up to now,the team contributed in teaching  directly more than 7000 students from various regions and colleges through courses and workshops.

Our Achievements:

The team started by a group of students who provided some activities concerning the Spanish language at the outset of the academic year 2012/2013.

With the official start of the team at the beginning of March 2013 and adding other languages,the team continued doing many activities for developing the languages of the students.These activities are:

*Press training Workshop in cooperation with the Spanish press at the end of 2012.

*Dubbing and Translation workshop ,at the beginning of 2013,by D.Ali Al_Monoufy”, one of the senior Spanish translators in Egypt and a simultaneous interpreter for the president.

*Conversation workshops in (English/Spanish) with the start of the team on March 2013.

*Step Into Europe course for practicing the language for a month (8 sessions).This course has been continuing since our beginning in 2013 till now, teaching 7 rounds; we are preparing for launching SIE 8.

Since this round, many languages have been added(English/French/German/Turkish/Spanish/Italian/Hebrew.)

*SIE Combo course which lasts for 3 months in which we qualify students in conversation to develop from a Beginner level to the Advanced one.

*BTL Rovers course( a full week course) that was given in different governorates and universities ouside Cairo. We gave it 3 times in (Damietta/Suez/Fayoum).

*Mini Course in various languages: It lasts for 2 weeks (6 sessions per round).It’s been held for 5 times in the languages we offer (English/French/German/Turkish/Spanish).

“In the Homoom El_Donyaa Ya Sahbi” Conference for discussing different topics regarding the language,its importance,ways of its teaching,self-development of  students through online courses (MOOCS),scholarships , their importance and how to get them in addition to tackling the history of languages and the ancient methods of connection.The conference also tackled the importance of learning languages,the position of a language learner in the international society and the relation between the language and philosophy.This conference was held twice on (December2014/December2015)

*BTl Cinema: This workshop aims at looking at the culture of languages the students learn and its reflection on the works of art.Moreover,it offers a comparison between the customs and traditions shown in a certain movie with the Egyptian’s in addition to learning the most important terms of the movie,their meaning and their equivalent.This workshop was held twice separately (November2014/November2015).It has been included later in Step Into Europe course.

*Revision sessions before exams to those who study languages and find difficulties in college’s subjects

These sessions are held twice a year right before exams.

They also have lasted for two years since the team’s official inauguration in the beginning of March till now.

**BTL’s theatre competition for languages, known as “BTL Stage.”

It aimed at practicing the language in a very creative way and overcoming the fear of speaking it in front of people whether it’s a small or huge crowd in addition to showing and presenting some social values in different languages through it.

The competition’s kick off was in April 2015, with the participation of the great Egyptian actor Mohammad Sobhy.

“Arabic, English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish and Italian”were the available languages in that competition.

** Assal Eswed conference was held in order to introduce various and many objects. It aimed at breaking the centralization because activities, sessions and conferences are mostly held in Cairo.

The conference discussed several important issues , such as; how to write a C.V and its impact on career life, how to develop one’s self using a language, how to obtain Scholarships and make use of them,  the influence of languages on person’s life especially culturally, introduction to “MOOCS” and how to study using these kinds of sites, and finally, how to use practically the language in different fields, for example: Public Relations “PR”, Human Resources”HR”, Teaching, Marketing, etc…

The conference was convened 8 times in different universities all over Egypt.

*“TEFL Workshop” which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

It intended to prepare highly-qualified English teachers according to new methods used in teaching foreign languages.

Each lecture of the workshop was 6 hours as it was given intensively.

It was held for 3 times, on February 2016,March 2016 and January 2017.

**The event of “Orobba El-door el-Tany”.

This event aimed to highlight the western society view towards those who study languages. The discussion included cultural exchange among Egyptian and German universities, and how to be accepted in the latter. It also tackled how to volunteer in international organizations and their impact on learning languages.  

This event was held in October 2015

-Our role and impact on society:

BTL’s influence on society generally and students especially has formed a huge category from learners of these languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish.

As we believe in our role in cultural, lingual, and social development, we have qualified 7000 learners and speakers of these previous languages from governmental, private universities, and even top high school students.

All of that is due to the above-mentioned efforts in the achievements and projects’ agenda of the team. So, finally we decided to launch a campaign under the name of “Teach others,Benefit more!”

So, what do we need?

It was said "the knowledge is not the information that is memorized but that is benefited." According to this concept, we seek to let the people get benefits from the knowledge that we have and increase the number of languages and foreign cultures learners. We do that by using training system for 300 students in all these languages. This student initiative needs some costs for equipped classes, curricula, instructors, and administrative and advertising expenses.

The detailed costs:

The rent of the course for 30 hours costs 5 L.E per hour which means 150 L.E for each student (5*30 equal 150). We target 300 students, so we need 45000L.E (2650$) for the rent. We want to have a sustainable development, so we will give the instructors nominal salaries 1000L.E for each one of them. We have 30 groups, so the costs of salaries will be 30000L.E (1800$). We make something special for the student which is the graduation day. In that day we need a large hall, prizes, certificates for the students which cost 10000L.E(600$).The total costs are 5050$.

Why do we need this fund?

The student in our course pays just the rent of the class which means the course is almost free. But we need to make the next course SIE 8( Step Into Europe8) 100% free. SIE course is the most beneficial one in teaching languages according to the students and instructors' opinions. Our course is special because we use a different system. We are the first team to use the daily evaluation system and make educational debates. We use a lot of activities in teaching like the Hanger Game and Escape Room. We are able to qualify students to higher levels within 1 month by practicing the language all the time. For example, the beginner student is qualified to an intermediate level. Also, we use the following-up system to make sure that they practice the language all the time. In the interview we get 800 students but we accept only 150 students. Because our vision is teaching 300 students (English- Spanish- Germany-French), we decided to join Zoomaal campaign. We need 5000$ to provide everything for the whole course. Campaign propaganda of the course starts on 25 Sep, 2017.It lasts 10 days. Our target is reaching 20000 student online and offline that 1500 should register at the end. We will start the interviews on 5 Oct,2017 which will last till 9,Oct,2017. We do a lot of professional tests in order to choose suitable students and put them in the right levels. On 12 Oct, 2017, we will call 300 accepted students and tell them the course's schedules. The course will start on 5 Oct, 2017 and end on 15 Nov, 2017.The Graduation Day will be within a period from 20 Nov till 25 Nov, 2017.

Finally, our slogan is" Be Influential!” Your support can help us in changing the society. We will help the youth to have a bright future. You will see the impact of your help on your social life. Remember that even 1$ can change many things. You will have a positive impact on your society. If you cannot support us financially, you can do it by telling your friends about the course and sharing our posts. Remember the wealth will not diminish by charity.

Allah the Almighty says "

لا خير في كثير من نجوهم الا من امر معروف او اصلاح ين الناس

" وما تنفقوا من خير تجدوه عند الله هو خيرا واعظم اجرا "

"وما تفعلوا من خير فان الله به عليم"

Teach_others ..Benefit_more!

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