360Moms - A parenting website for mothers in the Arab World

A parenting website for the modern mother in the Arab world. Mission is to empower, inspire, and connect mothers in all Arab countries.
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Short Summary
My name is Dina Abdul Majeed, I have over 13 years experience in offline and online design and user experience, My last position was heading the creative team at Yahoo - Middle East and Africa. But most importantly, I'm a parent of two precious little boys. My project is 360Moms, a parenting website for all the modern mommies in the Arab World; to inspire, empower, and connect them.

What inspired me to start this website was two things: One; I personally had a challenge with my kids (siblings jealousy, lack of sleep!), and asking experts made a world of difference to me, so I wanted to spread this knowledge from amazing experts in our region - who understands us, our culture and needs -  to all the Arab world. 

Second reason, is that I believe mothers strengthen other mothers. So sharing their real life stories, challenges, and experiences will be a positive inspiration for us all (moms & dads).

What We Need & What You Get

For taking the website to the next level I would need $10,000 as a start. 

This is how I will use them:
1- An app for 360Moms. $3,000

The app will definitely make it a better experience for all users, with easier access.

2- Producing Videos (through different sections on the website, like how to calm a baby, how to deal with special needs children ...) $3,000

3- Managing content (including editing & translation) $4,000

These videos will enrich our content and help explain information in an easier manner. 

The Impact
Your contribution will mean a lot for this project and for mothers & families! We have been live for 2 weeks only and so far have around 2300 users from across the world. We had amazing feedback on how important these topics are (the articles, stories, asking experts and inspirations). How they helped and inspired them. 

Other Ways You Can Help
If you cannot help with money, please share and spread the word on your social media! Thank you!

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Dina is a wife, mama, designer, and dreamer! Dina grew up with a love for art, leading her into a 13-year career as a designer. She began in advertising. Later, she found her passion in the online world and worked…

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