28 magazine is a cultural, literary magazine highlighting the Palestinian cultural reality
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

 What is the

28 magazine ?

28 Magazine is a literary and cultural magazine specializing in the publication of the expression of the Palestinian cultural reality,

And is based on the preparation and editing team of young Palestinians in Gaza and abroad, and is seeking  to be the gateway to the Palestinian creativity in particular, and the Arab and humanitarian In general, the magazine themes focused on the literary aspects of the text and narrative essay of literary and cultural specialist, as the uniqueness of space cinematic and musical articles, and when the magazine monthly view of the world literature translator in addition to other topics, the magazine is also trying lighting on visual and plastic arts, such as Photography and composition, artistic design.

The magazine issued a four numbers:

The zero issue    :       The first issue   : 

The second issue :     The third issue :  


& the team prepare the fourth issue of the magazine during the first days of the month of February 2014.

What are our needs ?

The teamwork in 28 magazine Published  version of the magazine monthly , But until this moment are not incorporated magazine dates of issuance of monthly numbers because of the ongoing continuous decline of the economic situation of the Palestinian and Gazan, in particular,

  Where the magazine is to provide financial needs based by providing paid advertising space inside the magazine.

 We need $ 5,000 for every two issues of the magazine , including this :
1400 $ :  For Print the magazine for every issue

350 $  : For Designer Work for every issue

600 $  : rent office for three months, as the team is currently working without a desk.

400 $  : events & Competitions the magazine do it

Through this funding the teamwork will be implemented of several cultural events and the quality of the highlights of the Palestinian cultural scene. Where we can through these two versions of magazine to obtain new financing partnerships with a number of Palestinian institutions and leading companies in the field of the Palestinian economy where that income is the only magazine commercials that cover some of the costs.

If the magazine did not succeed in holding the finance companies with leading institutions in the Palestinian arena we will have been planted confidence in the hearts of the owners of companies are able to launch advertising campaigns for their products inside the Gaza Strip.

Indeed & Effect

Magazine 28 seeking to be the existing cultural institution to towards the Palestinian creator, so as to reach the stage of being able in the embrace of the Palestinian talent and celebrations of their achievements and their products written and audio-visual and cinematic, as the legal form of the magazine is a media production company registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Information, the company seeks to training center cultural specialist inside so that it specializes in hosting and embrace the many local and international writers,

Your support for this project is a contribution in highlighting the Palestinian cultural scene that start faded the interest in him by the institutions of civil society due to cascading over the Gaza Strip war, and because of the instability of the humanitarian situation in this region, For this reason we start the launch of this project, and the financial contribution Whatever will help revitalize Palestinian cultural situation, where the magazine is not only Focus in writers from inside the Gaza Strip, but also published in the pages of a group of Palestinians from inside the Palestinian writers and writers expanded on the level of Arab and international geography, as the magazine is interested also in the writers from  non-Palestinian Arabs.

How you can help us in other ways

Dear reader, you can help us in other ways, we need your energy, if you can not contribute to support of the magazine you can also assist in the publish of this project to your friends who can our funding so that you can publish the project through multiple means of exchange in " Zoomaal " or by communicating with us to put up a certain idea can help us to highlight the Palestinian cultural scene, and you can publish the project to interested friends of the Arab and Palestinian cultural scene in particular.

The TeamWork

Mahmoud Al Shaer       - Gaza
Raed shaniorh       - Gaza
Hadeel Hassouna    - Gaza
Hend jouda              -  Saudi Arabia
Omar zuida              - Nablus
Khalil Nasif               - Ramallah
Osama Gad             - Egypt
Majd jouda                - Gaza
Imad al-Din Lulu       - Tunisia

Events & Contests

The distribution of the first issue 

Memorial the poet Samih al-Qasim

The distribution of the third issue 

08 Jun,2015

08 Jun,2015

08 Jun,2015

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15 May,2015

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12 Apr,2015

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