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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

What is 26 Letters?

26 Letters is more than a project; it is an aim, an impulse, and a dream. Our aim? To change the reality of children who are bound by their economic and Geo-political situation. Our impulse? Empowering the students through projects dedicated to serving the educational, vocational and personal needs of every child and teenager in Beirut. Our dream? To leave no child behind.

What We Do?

According to the UNHCR, Lebanon hosts over 1 million refugees, of which over a half are children. As a share of the population, this is the most by far compared to any other country!

The education of these young people is crucial to the peaceful and sustainable development of the countries that have welcomed them, and to their homes when they are able to return. Yet compared to other children and adolescents around the world, the gap in opportunity for refugees is growing even wider.

To us, providing a safe environment is as important as providing quality education to bring hope, and to encourage the children to dare to dream!

26 Letters has a total of 7 objectives that we’re working towards:

  • To provide basic education to as many children and adolescents as possible, combating illiteracy and enabling them to be incorporated into national schools.
  • To promote positive personal and collective growth to strengthen the spaces of social coexistence and ethical behavior.
  • To foster physical, emotional and social well-being for all students, as well as boost growth in a safe, hygienic, and stable family environment.
  • To achieve positive emotional development through the use of arts and free expression, allowing students to leave behind the difficult context they live in through the enhancement of self-esteem, talents and dreams.

  • To bring back justice and equality, fun and childhood, the notion of home and belonging, dreams and joy. To bring back hope.
  • To enhance work opportunities for children and adolescents by helping them discover and develop their passion through seminars, workshops and work practices.
  • To create a new family. A diverse family that stands together to protect and care for each other.

In 26 letters we know how fundamental and essential is to have fun while learning. To play, to joke, to smile represent an important part of the work carried out by our educators. Learning should always be an adventure!

26 letters is as much about inspiration, empowerment and support as it is about education! We want to stimulate their senses and allow them to explore their creative side! We focus on two basic principles:

"When educating the mind of youth we must not forget to educate their hearts."

"Children must be taught how to think not what to think,
How and Why are often more important questions than What?"

In 26 Letters we break away from the typical concept of teacher and student. With us, pupils see educators not only as an example to follow, but also as friends with whom to spend time together and have fun. Definitely, our teacher-students relation is rather out of the ordinary, but it is in fact the atmosphere of friendship which encourages pupils to attend classes and learn. Because if learning is not fun, why bother to come?

What makes 26 Letters effective in educating it's students?
First key to success: "one at a time"

Here students learn in small groups, with a maximum of three pupils per teacher, which does not only ensure that all students are taken care of and treated as individuals with different needs and abilities, but it also improves learning and makes it faster. Besides, if a pupil requires further help, one-to-one classes are available every day.

At 26 Letters we try to shape the learning experience of each student as individual as possible. Therefore, if difficulties arise, we go over the learning material as often as it is needed to be understood. 

At 26 Letters, we always try to improve. That is why, we continuously develop training programmers for staff members and educators, as well as meetings and dialog opportunities in which we try to enhance our project and take it to a new level of efficiency.

ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏‏٤‏ أشخاص‏، و‏‏أشخاص يجلسون‏‏‏

Why Are We Here?

Only two years ago, 26 Letters was a project devoted to students and carried out in a parking lot. Today, 26 Letters is composed of a team of 40 educators and staff members, and 71 students -with the numbers increasing daily. 

If it has only taken two years for us to improve this much, and without any kind of funding, imagine how far we could go with your help!

In the past months, 26 Letters has received an influx of students by over 100%, increasing from 45 to 65 students in one month. As 26 Letters grows, its budget and income remain the same. In remaining faithful to its philosophy, 26 Letters will not turn away any student. It is thus necessary to obtain regular funds, allowing the project to increase its budget. A budget increase will allow the project to expand, gain access to better learning resources, and retain a larger, more appropriate educational facility. In order to make these necessary improvements, 26 Letters is appealing to you for your help!

Handling of Funds:

-Expanding to a larger educational facility: 2.000$ a month, three-times payment.

-Start-up costs (Furniture, Stationery, Sports and play yard, educational workshops, equipment): 5.000$, one-time payment.

-Educational Materials and Extra-Curricular Activities: 1000$ a month, three-times payment.

We need funds to pay for expenses mentioned above within the first 3 months from the moment of relocation - A total of 14,000$ -

Other ways you can help

Share, Share and Share!

If you can't to contribute financially to this project, You can contribute your popularity by telling your friends and family about this campaign. Talk about it! Help us in spreading the campaign, go ahead and share our campaign with others on social media or other channels.

The success of this campaign is directly correlated with the number of people who view this page. If you can increase that number, you are making a tangible contribution to the mission.

Your contribution to this social development project will be greatly appreciated and concretely help over 70 children in Lebanon!

Visit our Facebook page for more information or contact us following this link! 

Being part of 26 Letters means belonging to an extraordinary and diverse family, where its members protect and care for one another; where those who once were strangers are now friends and those who were once children are now adults; where those who joined to teach end up learning and those who came to study learn with friends; a family where, in fact, everything is possible and where dreams are one 26 Letters project away from reality. 

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The founder "Janira Taibo", a Spanish student doing a university exchange program in Beirut came across an abandoned young boy, "Salah", selling flowers on the street. What started as hellos passing in the street turned into a beautiful friendship. One…

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