1337; a rising local project trying to promote Arabic culture through contemporary Arabic art.
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

1337, what?

1337 is a rising project that started as a free-time hobby. Influenced by the current movement to represent pop culture through art, we noticed the lack of original Arabic content, and thus there came the idea to enrich it and take part in promoting local and regional Arabic culture through wit and visuals.

Do you want to have your laptop, mobile, bag, or even your wall customized with an Arabian flavour? We'll make sure, you get the stickers and posters you need!

The project started 9 months ago, and we're doing fine. The thing is, exposure takes a lot of time, so we've been thinking of a way to reach the youth instead of waiting for them to knock our door.

We have an online store, but we need to take control of our products. We do stickers and posters! They're awesome and you can put them quite everywhere!

And I assure you, we can only do that by your trust and support.

What We Need & What You Get

The cash we'll receive will:

1) Be what we'll rely on to commence local production and promotion.
Do you need the stickers? Do you look for the posters? Let's print them!

(About 430$)

2) The "We" in our team right now, is an undergraduate doing all of this in his free time on his own equipment. High-resolution art requires both CPU and GPU power. We need an important yet very basic system-hardware upgrade.

(About 400$)

3) Rewards, yea, your rewards. The more you believe in us, the cooler the reward you'll get. A poster? A mug? A shirt? Or maybe an art print!

(We'll dedicate about 15-20% of your generous contributions to bring you the gifts and thanks you truly deserve, *shipping through RedBubble with shipping costs included)

(About 170$)

*(Additional 50$-90$ as fees going to Zoomaal +/- other third party fees)

The Dream

Our Arabic and Islamic culture is rich and diverse; from architectural arts to wise quotes and funny sayings we use daily. It is surprising that the western world has started to show interest in modern Arabic art. Our culture is cool, why not to show it?!

Later on, we'll bring more products locally... Sure, they are on the web right now, but it'll be way more easy and cheaper to get them locally.

Any extra cash will help us go further, to bring people the product they need, Inshallah!

Other Ways You Can Help

Want to help but unfortunately can't? No, of course you can.

Make some noise about it, like our facebook page, follow us on twitter, and make sure to check our online store, maybe you'll like what you see. And don't forget to use Zoomaal sharing tools!

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The founder of "1337" - a hobbyist in his free time, and a 5th-year medical student. Trying to take his hobby to the next level; creating art related to his culture, region, language, and religion, inspired by local talents as…

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You MAD? Sure, you're our favourite Mr. Awesome Dude! You deserve our love and sincere thanks! We'll make sure you receive our exclusive "1337" desktop background.
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You're showing trust! Like our designs? Choose a design and get it on one of the super-cool stickers we offer + the exclusive "1337" desktop background. And sure, big thanks!
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So, you're x2 generous! You deserve our x2 thanks + x2 super-cool stickers of your choice + our exclusive "1337" desktop background.
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You're 100% epic! In addition to our deep love and many thanks, you'll get the "100% package". A mug with a design of your choice + 2 super-cool stickers with the designs you love + our exclusive "1337" desktop background.
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Get ready to have your "1337 Care Package" dropped soldier! The exclusive "1337" desktop background + The 2 stickers + A "Travel" mug + A hoodie with a design of your choice + Surely, our sincere love and admiration. Thanks!
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Have an idea what "1337" stands for? Yea, you're the "elite", no, the Grand Elite! You're our bro! You'll get the "Elite Package." Our exclusive "1337" desktop background + 5 stickers of your choice + A "Travel" mug + A hoodie with a design of your choice + A laptop skin with a design of your choice + A throw pillow with a design of your choice + Our respect and deep love! Thanks a lot for believing in us!
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