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The NEW Fawazeer on Mobile and Facebook, Watch comics and play games with NEW ALF LEILA!
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Feeling lost and don't know what all of this is about?

The Spark 

Have you missed Nelly, and Sherihan ? ... Have you missed solving the questions and sending the solutions to win prizes at the end of Ramadan ? :))

We do :)) ... So we are making the NEW Fawazeer with a digital twist.

For those who are not familiar with the term "Fawazeer": Fawazeer is a type of competition that was popular in the 80s and 90s during the holy month of Ramadan. People would watch a TV program with daily riddles and submit solutions to the riddles in order to win prizes.

Alf Leila in SuperSayem Fawazeer Demo app: 

Our team has created Alf Leila comics, a contemporary extension of the famous cultural heritage story also known as "Arabian Nights" but re-invented as contemporary comics. We told stories of the 30 wives who came before Sharazade. The stories were imaginary, going beyond time and space, telling short stories of King Shahryar with ladies from different times and cultures.

Watch the final episode of the 2014 season on YouTube!:

In 2014, we launched the SuperSayem Fawazeer demo app on Facebook to host the first season of Alf Leila. People could read the comics and play the Fawazeer game on their computers. The demo got 46,000 Facebook fans, and 10,000 players used the Facebook app.

You can try the demo apps through the links below:


Facebook Page: 

iPhone App:

Android App: 


We want to have the 2015 season of Alf Leila live to everyone in the Middle East, and to make the Alf Leila NEW Fawazeer the people's favourite Ramadan habit.

In order to create the 2015 season, we need $25,000 to:

1. Launch the Alf Leila Fawazeer website and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

2. Design and release 30 episodes of the Alf Leila new tales.

3. Get prizes for the winners.

4. Cover marketing costs for the competition.

We happily welcome any additional funding! If we get an extra $20,000, we will be able to produce one cartoon animation short movie, increase our marketing, and provide more prizes!

Our ultimate target is a total of $80,000, which will allow us to make more and longer cartoon movies, do awesome marketing, and give out more and bigger prizes!

What you Get? ...

The Impact 

Despite the Arab huge cultural heritage, we lack genuinely creative cartoons for grownups. People love foreign series like "The Simpsons" but we have almost no local, Arab alternatives. 

With your support of this project, you will be helping our team in a serious attempt to change that. You will be helping our team create contemporary art based on Arabian heritage, powered by social media and mobile technology capabilities as faster ways of communication. 

When we first thought of doing the Fawazeer, we asked people about their feelings about it. Here’s what they had to say: 

Scenes from the 2014 Alf Leila Comics:

Episode 1: Shahryaar and The Genie

Episode 2: Nancy the fruity girl

Episode 13: Dalal the Mighty

Episode 18: Montella - The Emo Girl

Episode 27: Jennifer, and the Oscars

Team TV Interview with Dina Ramez (on Sada El Balad TV)

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are a Fawazeer fan, miss it, and like our mission, but can't contribute financially, there are still many ways that you can support us:

- Talk about us! - Tell everyone you know about Alf Leila Fawazeer and our Zoomaal campaign, and become our best ambassador! Talk about us on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram! Talk about us when you are having tea, over shisha, over your morning tamiya!

Share our campaign! Use Zoomaal’s share tools to broadcast our campaign on social media.

- Play our game! Download the SuperSayem demo application on Facebook, your phone or your tablet, and connect with us on Facebook.

For any clarification, please email us at

Alf Leila Wy Leila is going to change the way of comics and cartoons in Arab world – Come be part of it!

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$5 or more

498 Available

A special thanks on our website, periodic email updates and the satisfaction of helping make our Fawazeer a reality.
$20 or more

499 Available

Access to an exclusive part of the Mobile App where you can view EXCLUSIVE adventures and behind the scenes content. Plus the Fawazeerawy package benefits.
$45 or more

147 Available

You will be a royal member of Shahryar kingdom. Send us your picture and we will draw a comics version of you with the Alf Leila Heroes! You will receive a set of Social Network images (display pics, cover pics for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus). Plus the BACKSTAGE PASS package benefits.
$75 or more

200 Available

You get printed copies of the Alf Leila 2014, and 2015 Seasons Comic books, and an EXCLUSIVE key chain with one of the Characters (King Shahryar, Princess Nancy, or Masroor). Plus the BACKSTAGE PASS package benefits.
$150 or more

194 Available

You get the Alf Leila EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt, the complete medal box with 3 EXCLUSIVE key chains of the Alf Leila heroes (King Shahryar, Princess Nancy, and Masroor), and printed copies of the Alf Leila 2014, and 2015 Seasons Comic books. Plus the BACKSTAGE PASS package benefits.
$300 or more

18 Available

Be one of only 20 Alf Leila HEROES! We will draw you in comic form and create an original Alf Leila comic adventure involving you with the Alf Leila heroes. You will receive a digital copy as well as 2 printed copies signed by our team ... Plus the Alf Leila SUPER Collector's package benefits.
$1200 or more

20 Available

Be one of only 20 Alf Leila SUPER heroes. We will draw you and up to 3 of your friends into comics, and create an original Alf Leila comic with a personalized adventure involving all of you with the Alf Leila heroes. You will receive a digital copy as well as 8 printed copies signed by our team ... Plus 4 of the Alf Leila SUPER Collector's package benefits.
$4000 or more

1 Available

Welcome on board :)) ... We have the pleasure to give you a producer's credit in all Fawazeer mediums. To salute your enthusiasm, we will give you the Alf Leila SUPER Hero package with a special hardcover version of your personal comic. Also as a producer, we will send you: 10 Alf Leila Collector's packages, and 5 of Alf Leila SUPER Collector's packages as gifts for your friends.
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