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Select an image and displayed to the public and win its owner stimulate artistic encouragement
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who are we : -

1. Name: Mr. Mahmoud EL HADIDI
Qualification: Saans of Law, University of Ain Shams - holds a diploma administrative law

Occupation: lawyer is free and works Bcil print ads

Age: 24 years

Interests designs Aldegtal using GPU - representation

Business: Member to one of charities - member to one of human rights organizations - subscribe to one of films that speak of reality and their participation in numerous art festivals - member to one of the free theater groups - a partner to one of advertising companies and advertising - one of the founders contest Carry Sylvie in Egypt

2. Name: Laylay Yahya Ahmed

Qualification: Balcalrios media - radio and television department Canadian university

Occupation: announcer under training

Age: 23 years

Interests: drawing - and singing - acting - Montague

Business: Member of a free theatrical troupe - its singing some of the songs, which in turn correct the path of Arab song - to participate in many theatrical performances and award-winning - one of the founders of beauty contests Sylvie in Egypt


- What is the idea of ​​the contest: -

To the participants in the competition to send a private with photo after writing the adoption of this to bear all the responsibility arising from pictures sent to the official page of the contest (Seilfenation-2016) and the jury to choose the number (50) image to contest the contest the first phase to be pictures sent creative images and the idea technical user and the effects until you win the most beautiful Sylvie Egypt to promote the art of photography among some activists of different personalities and create a spirit of competition among them to teach the art of photography by choosing the best images and display them to the public and win the owner of this image to induce artistic encouragement.

- Is beauty contests Sleva in Egypt List: -

Yes ... already in place from the date of 26.06.2016 and the date of Antlavha Ali Mof social networking (Facebook) and cares Balhma event more than half a million people together and interactive event up to 5 million people and more than five thousand subscribers have send pictures

And do also some Arab artists together the competition and this competition is the interest of some newspapers and Arab channels and wait for the big event and wrote newspapers such as (Seventh Day - The Egyptian Today - inform you - look - Tomorrow) as also some channels participated in the talk about the competition, such as (mbc - Al-Arabiya - CBC - Rotana - channel Egypt)

- What is the legal form of the contest: -

Has been declared the contest and deposited under No. 26+ 15:00 centralized management of literary affairs and competitions Supreme Council of Culture, according to Article 14 and Article 16 of the Regulations for the third book of the Intellectual Property Protection Law No. (82 of 2002) of the decision of the Prime Minister ( 497 of 2005) Ministerial decision No. (334 of 2005) and the ratification certificate at the Foreign Ministry

- Who are the members of the jury: -

- D / Hisham Gamal - a professor of photography at the Higher Institute of Cinema.

- D / Majdi Ibrahim - Assistant Lecturer, University of Canada and head of photography department Shorouk newspaper.

- Professor / Heba Khalifa photographer and painter.

- Photographer / Mohammed Abdul Latif - a young photographer Photography.

- Crusade importance to us: -

Promote art and education by creating a rival, and also carry a unique competition of its kind and the first in the world Bakhittar best pictures of ordinary people and not Msourran professionals and repeated every year until it becomes a global event


Needs it: -

The absence of a sponsored event we decided founders of the idea that we are viewing on a platform Dhumal collective financing where we get the moral and material support to carry out an event affects the art we need money Khat go to organize Alkhaddt and Announcements him at every stage and do this using the best means to get out a big event lasts for years and become a global all States to implement it and hope that later on there was sponsored for financial profit go for the benefit of charity or helping artists who are unable to disseminate art to a lack of resources available

What the community will benefit: -

When Najk Bmsaadenkm this event to promote art sensation big in the world and will all the people in the innovation and professionalism Personal photography by using the waffle possibilities available with cameras or mobile camera Msadtk interest to us will happen

Is it possible I do not do to helping PHYSICAL: -

Yes ... it is possible to help us through the announcement of the contest to encourage friends and relatives in a circle identifier to participate and vote for our subscribers and the means available to you (team member designed - organizer of the event - team Alsochaabal Media)

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Name: Mr. Mahmoud El hadidi Residence: Cairo - Egypt Age: 24 years Education: Bachelor of Law from Ain Shams University Studies: Diploma administrative law from Ain Shams University Occupation: lawyer free - and to one of partner companies ads --------------------------------------------------…

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