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Reapet - Empowering animal care with technology.

A free online platform to connect pet service providers, vet clinics, animal rescue shelters and pet owners, with Arabic support.

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Learn our history, teach our stories, make our future!

Support Al Naqab Center's 6th annual summer program, which includes cultural activities, recreational trips, football, and maintenance work.

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We have a hope


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Rasheed The Film: A Documentary about the Inspiring, Riveting and Tragic Story of Rasheed Broum

A reporter tells the story of her uncle who was killed during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

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Hikayati: Books for Young Kids

Series of tactile wordless picture books for kids 0-3, culturally relevant & socially impactful

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THIS Toothbrush

THIS is a line of products that modernizes an ancient tooth-cleaning stick called the Miswak.

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Remember Us

Remember Us, a 70 to 90-minute documentary that will reveal the untold stories of Gaza refugees

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Thank you for doing this, Abdallah. Let's show the children and people of Gaza that Zoomaal is with them. Viva Palestina.
On We have a hope
Thank you for doing this, Abdallah. Viva Palestina. Yallah, let's show the children of Gaza that Zoomaal is with them.
On We have a hope
I think its amazing that only a few years ago they could have put you behind the sun for this project. Anyway, I just read the op ed by Susannah Knights about the Bourguiba School Strike - this kind of local viewpoint is important to broadcast back to North America and I thank you for making the situation known. I think the opinion pages of your paper are crucial - as is the breaking news section. I'll be looking for pieces by student leaders, activists and workers to convey an authentic picture of life and politics in Tunis.
On The Tunis Times: Tunisia's first Internet newspaper!
Hey Ameena - good luck with your campaign. btw where are the skateboards made in Canada? And how can we get more people to support your project?
On SK8 961 SkateSchool / SkatePark

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