Clockwork storage tool..

by Yahya

I want to to use a service of a company called Wime to apply for me for US funding grant ,I'll use this grant for development

The Volunteer Circle: from the people, for the people..

by The Volunteer Circle

A skill-sharing platform to find latest opportunities that match your skills, age, location, and interests, and interactive

A theater organization for children..

by أشرف شبي

My project aims at making the associations that conduct their activities meet annually to present them to children in order

Helping Hands for Gaza's Kids!..

by Mohammed

New Classrooms Campaign

Urgent surgery fees for our Labrador..

by Georgio Daccache

My labrador had a accident and she's severely injured and needs surgery, I've spent all my savings for the university but,

Campaign Ended

دعم مشروع متجر mem8 store للتجارة الاكترونية اكبر موقع..

by Mohammad Naser

في ضل تطور العصر الرقمي يتزايد يوماً بعد يوم عدد التجار الذين يعربون عن تفاؤلهم بالفوائد من التجارة الإلكترونية من هنا جائت

Masry Market..

by Hany El Masry

An online marketplace for Egyptian-made consumer goods


by Ziad Kalaani

fleche is an online platform (insta & facebook) that gathers designers. 1- encourages designers to expose their work 2-unleash

Support the educational channel..

by سعيد بن ابراهيم التير..

Only $ 2,000 to support the educational channel   The amount is for an advertising campaign in YouTube, Twitter, and Platforms