Zain Jordan Youth Education Challenge
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Zoomaal, in partnership with Zain Jordan, are setting up the ‘Youth Education Challenge’

"In Zain, we believe that the power of education combined with the impact of our Jordanian youth, which represents the majority of Jordan’s population, will result in positive change for the community as it will stem from the radiance of promising youth.

That is the reason behind selecting education as our first challenge. What better way to introduce our partnership with Zoomaal than starting it with the projects that will make a strong positive influence within the Jordanian community!

Now is your turn to make change happen!
Mr. Ahmad Al Hanandeh, CEO Zain Jordan

The ‘Youth Education Challenge’ aims to create a hub of ideas and concepts based on Youth Education. 

By submitting your project on Zoomaal's platform you will have the chance to receive up to $10,000 in matched funding, you will be able to benefit from the exposure, the funding, the opportunities, and the privilege to contribute in making a difference to the Youth of Jordan.

The deadline for project submissions is on the 15th of September 2014. 

Projects cannot be submitted during the challenge period: 15th of Sep. - 15th of Oct.

All projects that are live on Zoomaal during the challenge period and follow the 'Youth Education Challenge' rules will be part of the challenge.

Geographical focus
This is a country related challenge, the applications are welcomed from Jordanians.

The project needs to be innovative and implementable. Implementation of the concepts need to be done over a three months period to be able to monitor the impact of the concept accordingly.

Not Zoomaal Prohibited
Projects must pass Zoomaal’s screening criteria which bans charity, religious, political, alcohol, adult, and tobacco projects, while primarily focusing on creative and sustainable development projects in the Arab world.
If you think your project should be eligible regardless of the above guidelines, please send us an email to and we'll reply to you within 2 business days.

Qualified projects will receive a matched amount for every contribution their project receives.

For example, if Funder X contributes $100 to your project, you will receive an equally matched fund of $100 by Zain Jordan.

Your project can receive the matched funding until either the allocated prize money ($10.000) is totally spent or until the deadline of the Challenge (5 October 2014).

Keep in mind that:
- The maximum of matched funds per transaction is set at: $100
- Only electronic payments are matched, i.e. PayPal and credit card integrations

Prize Details:

  • P

    Codability: Teaching Kids Programm..

    by Codability Team

    Codability offers school students a one-way ticket to the brilliant world of coding, for free!

    Successfully Funded
    $1,887 Raised(105%) — 42 Funders
  • P Online Knowledge Exchange

    by Sarah Al Souqi is an online convention center that facilitates virtual live tutoring classes.

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    Accessor: Student I.D to all lectures

    by Ra'uf Tailony

    its an automated attendance system , taking the attendance quitely, fastly and precisely.

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    Speedup Startup

    by Mamdouh AlSharif

    Arabic Study Cards to help students memorize subjects and important terms before exams

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    American English Center in New Zarqa

    by Selma P

    Providing an American curriculum for English in Zarqa for all levels from 1st grade to adults

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    I invent

    by علاء سعيد

    A training manual ,tutorial, photographer and integrated on the skills of invention

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    Kitabook- Renting and exchanging t..

    by Omar Kisswany

    Kitabook will be the first renting and exchanging textbooks platform in Jordan.

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    Pharmacy Bob

    by lena Aysh

    E-learning student website supplied with a creative multimedia system for easily knowledge

    Campaign Ended
  • P


    by Ahmed Abutaha

    إكسفير تقدم ورش عمل على الحاسوب لطلاب المدارس لخلق أفكار

    Campaign Ended