Women Pioneers Challenge
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Zoomaal, in partnership with Hivos, are setting up ‘Women Pioneers Challenge.’

This challenge is to support Arab women pioneers in an aim to recognize their leading role in the society. Any woman in the Arab region can apply and submit her project and/or idea on Zoomaal's platform with the chance to receive up to $20,000.

The deadline for project submissions is 15 April 2014.

Projects cannot be submitted during the challenge period: 20 April - 20 May

All projects that are live on Zoomaal during the challenge period and follow the 'Women Pioneers challenge' rules will be part of the challenge

Applicant Gender
Females only. The project must be owned/founded/co-founded by a women.

The project has to be innovative in its outreach, and has a positive impact in the society.

Match Funding
- Matched funding will only be awarded to authorized electronic payments.
- Maximum matched fund to be awarded per contribution is $500.

All projects are accepted so long as they abide by Zoomaal's guidelines

If you think your project should be eligible regardless of the above guidelines, please send us an email to support@zoomaal.com and we'll reply to you within 2 business days.
Qualified projects will receive an equally matched fund for every contribution their project receives. For example, if Funder X contributes $100 to your project, you will receive an equally matched fund of $100.

You will keep receiving matched funding until either the allocated budget of the Prize, $20,000, is totally spent, or until the deadline of the Challenge.
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    A novel by Yasmina Hatem

    by Yasmina Hatem

    a story that parallels the lives of my two grandmothers, my mother and myself

    Successfully Funded
    $13,420 Raised(134%) — 72 Funders
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    Crowdfunding for "A Few Images", T..

    by Tania Saleh

    "A Few Images" is Tania Saleh's 4th album, written and illustrated by herself.

    Successfully Funded
    $51,165 Raised(128%) — 260 Funders
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    Empowering Women in the Atlas

    by Lamia Bazir

    Construction of a public bathhouse managed by women, in a small village in the Atlas mountains

    Successfully Funded
    $10,020 Raised(118%) — 81 Funders
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    Cairo Phoenix: Co-creativity retre..

    by Eline Hennink

    Organizing retreats for women to support healing by exploring creative forms of self-expression

    Successfully Funded
    $4,558 Raised(114%) — 50 Funders
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    Alkindy - A Cultural Social Space

    by Najwa Sahmarani

    Alkindy is a cultural social space focused on promoting reading for the Tripolitan youth

    Successfully Funded
    $27,836 Raised(111%) — 220 Funders
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    A Way Out

    by Sharine Atif

    Stories of Defiance

    Successfully Funded
    $10,569 Raised(106%) — 40 Funders
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    Online Platform to Promote Youth Talent

    by Zeina Saab

    An online platform where marginalized youth can promote their talents and seek opportunities

    Successfully Funded
    $7,350 Raised(105%) — 34 Funders
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    'The Brain That Sings' Film Autism..

    by Amal Al-agroobi

    Feature documentary film about 2 autistic boys and their 3 month journey through music therapy

    Successfully Funded
    $10,150 Raised(102%) — 17 Funders
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    Orb: A Sci-Fi short film by Darine..

    by Darine Hotait

    Orb is a Sci-Fi short film about immortality, repulsion and Beirut City in the year 2050.

    Successfully Funded
    $16,193 Raised(101%) — 74 Funders
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    Mommy Made Empowering Women

    by Mommy made Team

    Mommy Made is the 1st catering line that recruits, trains and employs underprivileged mothers

    Successfully Funded
    $2,530 Raised(101%) — 15 Funders
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    Arabic Early Reading App for Children

    by Rama Kayyali

    A FREE Arabic App to help v. young children develop early reading skills in Arabic

    Successfully Funded
    $10,115 Raised(101%) — 19 Funders
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    ِABJAD: Deaf-Mute Interactive Tool

    by Ebda'a team - dema & ..

    First standalone ultraportable product that help Deaf Mute to communicate like ordinary people

    Successfully Funded
    $3,000 Raised(100%) — 3 Funders
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    Bibies of the World: redefining so..

    by Hiba Nassar

    Let the Bibies fridge magnets put a smile all over the world!

    Successfully Funded
    $10,000 Raised(100%) — 22 Funders
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    Let's be creative

    by Abdallahyy Ajlouni

    Testajlouni Testajlouni Testajlouni

    Campaign Ended
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    SEP Jordan - the tailormade embroi..

    by May Al ghoti

    We impact marginalized communities by producing eco-friendly, really cool fashion accessories

    Campaign Ended
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    Kill Your Fat | Losing weight for ..

    by Myriam Dagherayoub

    Helping people in losing weight, getting fit again and winning their health back.

    Campaign Ended
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    Jump Kids' Gym: Help us fight the ..

    by Jump Kids' gym

    Purchase of additional equipments for the first & only truly full fledged Kids Gym in Bahrain.

    Campaign Ended
  • P

    Autism Therapy Gym

    by Jemman Ammary

    Therapy gym and sensory play facility for children with Autism.

    Campaign Ended
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    Creating change and opportunity fo..

    by Almubdiaat The creati..

    A unique retail space for creative women: workshops, business support, self-fulfillment & more!

    Campaign Ended
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    Music for Hope "Fundraising for a ..

    by Rawan Ababneh

    Write a song, produce, and direct a music video that will convey a message of hope for cancer

    Campaign Ended
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    Argan oil and berber women.

    by Hasna Mogadorienne

    27 women want to cooperate and make a a co-op so they can create a job for them.

    Campaign Ended
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    Mert Hateb

    by Omneya Afrsad

    First eco-friendly factory in the Middle East for recycling material designed by Egyptian youth

    Campaign Ended
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    Dare to write the book of your life

    by Loubaba Aljayi

    A daily life's events, a gift to the whole world. I dared to write it, thus I have to share it

    Campaign Ended