Jordan, Innovate!
$15,000 available in matched-funding for Jordanian innovators
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The legacy of Jordan is filled with innovations, inventions, and creativity.  Jordanians have proved that the soul of innovation in Jordan is not forgotten in the past, but is here today, filling the streets of this great kingdom, the Kingdom of Innovation.

Zoomaal, in collaboration with Zain Jordan, is proud to launch the first challenge dedicated to showcasing and launching the best, most innovative ideas in Jordan. 

Jordan, Innovate!

The deadline for project submissions is on April 5, 2015.

5/4/15: Idea Submission Ends.

9/4/15: All projects which qualify for Phase 2 are contacted

10/4/15 – 30/4/15: Phase 2 preparation including workshop / crowdfundathon

1/6/15: Challenge launches

30/6/15: Challenge ends

Conclusion: Event organized at ZINC celebrating winners

Geographical focus
Projects must be based in Jordan and have a clear benefit for Jordan or Jordanians.

The project has to be innovative and have a positive impact.

Up to $30,000
Only projects that require a maximum budget of $30,000 will be allowed to apply in the challenge.

Abide by Zoomaal's Rules
Projects must pass Zoomaal’s screening criteria which bans projects that include religious, political, alcoholic, R-rated or tobacco connotations. Projects must offer rewards as Zoomaal does not allow charity projects. The primary focus is creative and sustainable development projects in the Arab world.
If you think your project should be eligible regardless of the above guidelines, please send us an email to and we'll reply to you within 2 business days.

Qualified projects will be eligible to receive matched funding for every contribution their project receives.

For example, if someone contributes $200 to your project, you will receive matched funding (equal amount) of $200 from Zain Jordan.

Your project can receive matched funding until one of the following occurs:

  • The allocated funds $15,000 are spent.

  • The deadline of the challenge is reached June 30, 2015.

Keep in mind that the maximum amount allowed in matched-funding is $200 per person (i.e., the maximum amount which will be matched from one contributor is $200. 

Who can participate in the “Jordan, Innovate!” Challenge?

Any individual or group of people living in Jordan.

What are the requirements for ideas submitted to the “Jordan, Innovate!” Challenge?

  • Ideas must be feasible and achievable.

  • Ideas must have an element of innovation which is clearly identifiable.

  • Ideas must have a clear purpose and benefit to Jordan or the Jordanian people.

  • Ideas cannot include: content that encourages alcohol or tobacco consumption, religious content, politics, or adult material.

Examples of ideas: community project to rehabilitate a public park, a tech idea which will revolutionize a particular industry, a new system for the collection of rain water, an educational idea to support young students, a creative documentary or short film, a plan to make all public buildings wheelchair accessible, a solar-powered machine which can power a building or a school. The list goes on but the principle remains the same: the idea must be innovative!

How can one participate in the in the “Jordan, Innovate!” Challenge?

During Phase 1 of the Challenge, you will be required to submit:

  • Your name

  • Email

  • Phone #

  • City

  • Title for your Project or Idea

  • Summary for your project or idea

After submitting this information, your application will be reviewed and we will contact you if your idea qualifies to continue for Phase 2 of the challenge.

What happens if I qualify for Phase 2?

If your idea is chosen to continue to Phase 2, you will be given the opportunity to expand on your idea and what you need to make this idea a reality. (internal note: this is the full “create project” procedure). We will also provide you with:

  • Full training on what Crowdfunding is and what you need in order to transform your idea into a successful campaign on Zoomaal.

  • Hands-on support and assistance with any inquiries you may have,in addition to planning for your campaign.

  • Support with creative materials you need to launch your campaign (photos, videos, etc…).

Requirements for ideas that qualify for Phase 2:

  • The person must show a real commitment and dedication to launching their idea.

  • The person must attend a workshop on successfully preparing their campaign.

  • The person must receive commitments and support from their network of friends and family.

What happens after Phase 2?

More details will be made available for projects which qualify for Phase 2.

  • JI

    SuperSooq : classified newspaper i..

    by Ahmad Alkiswanee

    our goal is to be the first classified advertising newspaper in the southern jordan

    Successfully Funded
    $11,067 Raised(111%) — 50 Funders
  • JI

    Project Booklet: Manage without co..

    by Osama Khaleefa

    Mobile App that facilitates planning, tracking, and controlling short-term and small projects

    Successfully Funded
    $5,040 Raised(101%) — 38 Funders
  • JI

    1337: Arabic Art For All

    by Al-mu'taz Sallam

    1337; a rising local project trying to promote Arabic culture through contemporary Arabic art.

    Successfully Funded
    $1,094 Raised(100%) — 11 Funders
  • JI


    by Hassan Salameh

    Great Educational Website in just 1 Stunning Page

    Successfully Funded
    $2,005 Raised(100%) — 19 Funders
  • JI

    Jordanian Path of Knowledge

    by Anas Dbaeen

    An initiative that aims to provide credible scientific content and knowledge to Arab readers

    Successfully Funded
    $4,004 Raised(100%) — 35 Funders
  • JI

    Smart shoe : the smart generation ..

    by Iyad Ayyad

    Smart shoe has a light from the front in front of and can control from smart application

    Successfully Funded
    $7,000 Raised(100%) — 33 Funders
  • JI

    رشق (رياضيات، شطرن..

    by Maram

    تطبيق يهدف إلى تعليم الاشخاص جدول الضرب باستخدام طرق

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Umbrellas Takaful

    by عاصم البرغو..

    We will put umbrellas help car owners to find out by passengers who would like to help them

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    SMART Tops: The Wearable Healthcare Kit

    by Islam Abualruz

    A wearable healthcare device that provides 24/7 medical monitoring.

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Seeds of Future- بذرة لبكرة

    by Sa'eda Shdaifat

    It's an Android mobile application that lets people of Jordan order trees for free

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Amplify Impact

    by Mohammad Abu Musa

    Produce two short, story-driven videos for two innovative social ventures in Jordan

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Sukarh - Taste Happiness

    by Hawazin Mohammad

    Traditional Arabic sweets presented in a modern way, share happiness and raise our community

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Bedoubag - empowering Bedouin women

    by Sandra

    Unique woven bags inspired by tradition, empowering women, inspiring girls to learn a craft.

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Cafieen E-learning platform for Ed..

    by Cafieen Platform

    Complete Platform that offer Education , Training , Profit

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Using the back camera of the cell..

    by Muhannad Alasmer

    A product use as alternative front camera for mobile for Selfie photo

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Science fair contest for grades 6-8

    by Rawda Eada

    The students prepare a project following the scientific method, winners get prizes.

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Off-Grid Portable Fridge (Freezer ..

    by Madabbas2014

    Fridge invention without electricity used to store meat, milk, vaccine up to -2C

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Wind Farm

    by Malek Tubaishat

    medium size wind farm for generating electricity from wind. the capacity could be 60 kw/h.

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    B2B Online Trading Platform.

    by Ahmad Khaled

    B2B online trading platform, supporting small and middle brands businesses,

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Jordan 3D

    by Mohammad Almatary

    this project aims to embody the ancient civilizations that lived in Jordan in different way and

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Leadership and innovation center

    by سارة محمود ..

    Inspiration center is fully equipped with various seating sets and with all technology options

    Campaign Ended
  • JI

    Shreeki Platform

    by Ibrahim B.salim

    My Shreeki platform on the Internet

    Campaign Ended