Aswat Nabila..

by Mohammed Alhamoud

Aswat Nabila captures Nabila's determination to preserve a “collective musical memory" for Arab- and Muslim- Americans i

Support 10 Deaf Needy Children from Gaza Attend Primary Ed..

by Atfaluna Society

Change the lives of 10 deaf needy children from Gaza by sponsoring a special education classroom. Give deaf children a better

Open a branch of the Arab Forum for Arts in Egypt..

by ردفان المحمدي..

For the completion of our international artistic and cultural project   A branch of the Forum should be opened in Egypt

First Egyptian Windsurfing World Champion..

by Mohamed Aid

Mohamed Aid's achievable goal to become a world champion in windsurfing.


by Classroomer Project

Classroomer is a platform that gives opportunities for educators to invest in their experience and students to elevate their

Support Baalbeck's International Short Films Festival..

by Baalbeck Film Festiva..

Your support to our project will help organizing the First Independent Film Festival in Baalbeck, Lebanon!