by Ahmed Mamdouh

empowering more than 100 school students to bridge the gap between the Academic theoretical curriculum and actual needs

Wilson needs your help..

by Karl abou mansour

Wilson has been struggling with anxiety since he was a puppy. We need your help to support his medical treatment and behaviorist

Save Sannine Dogs..

by Yara Zalzal

This project is about saving around 40 dogs from a hell shelter from mount Sannine. Your help is dearly needed.

DJ Sotusura's Debut Album "Saleh El Alhan"..

by Hicham Ibrahim

Support DJ Sotusura's debut album "Saleh El Alhan" - classic Arabic music meets old school hip hop beats. Release 31/1/2019

إدعم إنتاج ألبوم شمس الحقيقة..

by محمد الغوشي

إدعم محمد الغوشي في تغطية تكاليف إنتاج ألبوم "شمس الحقيقة" وهو أول ألبوم عرفاني قصصي بالعالم بغناء مجموعة مختلفة من المغنيين من أك

Renew Kitchen .... Renew Life..

by Heya Kitchen

Help to make those Mothers who do not have the ability to renew their homes smile by gifting them a new kitchen area.