Campaign DaFa - Our right to feel warm in winter (50 thous..

by Abdullah Hamad

In 2019 there are still tens of thousands of children living with their families in tents in northern Syria without enough

500 Children To Everest..

by Afel Liban

Ghasssan Hajjar is rising to Mount Everest to raise funds for the survival of AFEL's 500 abused children living on the edge

مؤسسة أفـق، على مفترق الطرق..

by Mohammad Atrash

مؤسسة أفق للصحافة والنشر هي مؤسسة إعلامية شاملة تقوم بتقديم جميع الخدمات الإعلامية والتسويقية إضافة إلى دعم رواد الأعمال الشباب.

URGENT CALL: Help Me Fund My MFA..

by Diana Halabi

Please help me fund my MFA program at the prestigious Piet Zwart institute- Rotterdam before the 10th of June.

Support the Ghassan Abu-Sitteh Medical Humanism Library..

by Dr. Thalia Arawi

Dr. Abu-Sitta, humane physician who makes trips to Gaza for the past 5years to treat injured Palestinians free of charge

An attractive online Islamic learning school..

by Aziz Ait Messaoud

Building a modern online Islamic learning school where everyone can learn Arabic and about Islamic themes in a fun and gamified

Support Shams Table..

by Shams Community

With Shams Table, we want to foster community by bringing people together to share a good meal over meaningful dialogue.