Lebanese Wildlife rehabilitation centre..

by Ahmad Abdul Wahed

Building the first wildlife rehabilitation centre in Lebanon.

Girls Dresses Design Workshop..

by الهام الجمال..

Preparing a workshop for girls dresses from the dress of the seventh to dress joy and return to the chic of time in the spirit

Abandoned - a Socially Relevant Short Film..

by Samer Beyhum

A film that highlights how gender biased laws and a culture of impunity can cause a young girl to end up living on the streets.

Support AUB Rally Paper 2019..

by Christopher Rizk

The AUB Rally Paper is raising funds to make its 2019 edition happen


by Yousef

A destination for receiving Palestine visitors and their residence and arranging tours in the down towns of the cities an

Kinetic sculpture art..

by Abdelrahman atef

The purpose of this sculpture is to provide a beautiful alternative to regular furnishings or picture frames.

Save Totti the Pug..

by Tina Yammine

Totti was run over by a car. He is unable to walk, pee or poop on his own & he needs to undergo surgery for a chance at life.

Aleksandrinke - Translating a book into English and publis..

by Salwa Hegazi

Translating a book from Slovenian to English and publishing it. The book is about a phenomena of ladies immigrating to