Treat sick Patients for free..

by Ya Doctors

YaDoctors is a platform that allows Hospitals/Doctors to treat patients for free. Volunteers/Patients will post the condition.Doctors

Money Nanny..

by Nadya Tereshina

Money Nanny converts sms from your bank into comprehensive form of automated budget . You set the targets and app will help

Entrenador "Mobile App" | Everybody has a value..

by Suhaib Al-Khawaldah

A platform that connects talented people (making talents as business) with users who seek to learn a new skill in Art, languages

Campaign Ended


by Arabtizor Inc. is a smart online shopping website provides the delivery of most smart life technologies and products released

Campaign Ended

IoT Institute..

by Walid Sabra

Establish an Institute to Teach kids and Juniors new Technologies such as IoT (Internet of things) and Machine Learning as

Campaign Ended

Capoeira Celebration..

by Vikentiy Dyro

Capoeira Fest Dubai 2017- is an annual event where kids and adults from all over Dubai join together to practice Capoeira

Campaign Ended

Facehappy platform of success..

by alaedine bouhajja

facehappy platforme for positivity and happiness first in arabic world and we wish we be in the world help me to make it

Campaign Ended

Tuk Tuk Shop..

by Mohamed Abbas

تعديل سيارات التك التك لتصبح اداة لبداية مشروع صغير و بداية أمل لكل شخص عاطل

Campaign Ended

Since trip to AflaJ and modern Spring..

by أحمد السويدي..

since trip for 30 people to desover aflaj & modern spring

Campaign Ended

مشاريع منزلية للاسر وذوي الاحتياجات الخاصه..

by احمد سالم

مساعده الاسر وربات البيوت الغير قادرات على الخروج او ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصه على البدء بعمل مشاريع منزليه وحسب تخصصاتهم او ر

Campaign Ended

Theater for peace..

by Orwa Alahmad

Creating a workshop that will support young talent to produce theatrical performances containing humanitarian messages

Campaign Ended

FinTech Dubai - Bringing Coverage to MENA's FinTech Scene..

by Rutul Gandhi

Financial Technology is gaining traction around the world, but there is not a lot of coverage in the MENA region. We aim

Campaign Ended

Free Internet Access to all parts of the Arab world..

by ahmad alhayek

Free Ontertt all over the world Using the browser is fed from a local Internet Great capabilities to reach appropriate quantity

Campaign Ended

Go easy..

by محمد الدرمكي ..

It is an air port trolley to help travelers to complete the travel process as soon as possible without delay on the trip

Campaign Ended

IThink | a Mind-Full-Of- Awesomeness..

by Basma Hamad

iThink is an awesome learning by practise initiative

Campaign Ended


by Saurav jhawar

Introducing Bike taxi with call center and mobile app with the concept of "connecting people"

Campaign Ended


by Biju Tj

PointBooth is an innovative and unique advertising platform for advertisers and their target audience.

Campaign Ended

by KABIR MOHAMMAD GOLAM is an Online Portal for car owner's to buy car-parts online in Middle East

Campaign Ended - create virtual tours using mobile app..

by Abzal Assembekov

Propertyin360 is a mobile application that transforms your smartphone camera into a tool to create 360 degree virtual tours.

Campaign Ended

Arduino 17 DOF Humanoid robot..

by Anirudh Swaminathan

I want to make the robot for a science project. I am 14 . Please help me. Even 1$ from you is enough!

Campaign Ended

شركة لتنظيم وتقديم الحفلات الفنية التربوية الترفيهية للاطف..

by اصيل الشريف..

المشروع تنظيم وتقديم الحفلات الفنية التربوية الثقافية الترفيهية للاطفال بالمدارس والحضانات .

Campaign Ended

Web Design Company..

by Abdul Aziz Al Wafaee

Web design And web hosting services, For Companies and individuals

Campaign Ended

UAE Quick Support (UAE QS)..

by Grandkaiser

Software on smartphones to run and alert the safety distances between Vehicle while driving

Campaign Ended

Zayed goodness..

by Ali Koubaissy

largest electronic board in Abu Dhabi presented the achievements and the life of Sheikh Zayed

Campaign Ended


by Ziad Ghosn

Networking made simple. A C2C platform for networking and a B2C fluid experience.

Campaign Ended

Wall mobile smart TV..

by Charles Kayingo

Smart slim ,wall railed , rechargeable battery with a 24/7 CCTV features and big storage memory

Campaign Ended

Zeta Careers..

by Jibi, A cutting edge career portal that helps the job seekers to slash the learning curve and find their dream

Campaign Ended

Global Neighbourhood Ecommerce Marketplace Online Shopping..

by Syed Mohammed Ali

Global Neighborhood E commerce Online Store to Enable Shopping Anything from Neighborhood

Campaign Ended


by Bassam

Aim of this project is to encourage tradition Moroccan Industries by opening new sales outlets

Campaign Ended

مسلسل تاريخي اندلسي..

by Bassam

اقوم بكتابة سيناريو لمسلسل تاريخي اندلسي وارغب بالتفرغ له تماما. ابحث عن تمويل لثلاثة اشهر بقيمة 30 الف دولار

Campaign Ended

فنون جميلة رسم وفن..

by نزار احمد

لدى موهبة وود فتح ورشة عمل خصة بى ساعدنى

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

Fitness Revolution Institute..

by Noura MA

Build a huge center for training and teaching nutrition and fitness, contains healthy resturant

Campaign Ended

Hire Surf..

by Mervin Esmaquel

Hire Surf is a web and mobile service market place for freelancers

Campaign Ended

Offroad Desert 2..

by Mohamed

One million players from Arabs. One Year work! Version two so close!

Campaign Ended


by Feras Naser

Snapvote is an app that help you take photos of your life, play it back and make photobooks.

Campaign Ended

CoupOOnshop; A new way to shop and save..

by Omar

An innovative coupons site, free to businesses, offering the best deal possible to consumers.

Campaign Ended

Orchestra with oriental guitar, A new vision for guitar in..

by Jawdat Outree

Strings from the past" is an instrumental album combining orchestra and guitar in oriental soul

Successfully Funded
$8,510 Raised(100%) — 10 Funders

Warren Buffett Educational Trip..

by Vana Borghosizian

AUS is the first in the MENA region to attend a Q&A and lunch with Warren Buffet in April 2016

Campaign Ended

After Death..

by Mohammed

This project is about creating a mobile application where we will reveal the real truth about life and after life

Campaign Ended

ARABTIZOR التمويل الإلكتروني العربي..

by Arabtizor Inc.

Arab world crowdfinance website ,Arab abilities can challenge the world ,BUT... Money support !

Campaign Ended

Events for people with special needs..

by محمد الجراحي..

Spread love and communication between people with special needs and to establish events for them and provide them with educational

Campaign Ended

Cyber Talents: The Place to Measure your Cyber Skills..

by Moataz Salah

A Platform to Discover Talents in Cyber Scurity through Hackathons & Online Labs and Exams

Successfully Funded
$5,002 Raised(100%) — 17 Funders

Lana Al Haya Arabic Concept Watches..

by Raneem

Lana Al Haya a creative concept Fashion Brand,our first watch reflects arabic creative art

Campaign Ended

Completing one of the five pillars of Islam , the hajj..

by Ziad

A lot of people cannot complete one of the five pillars of Islam , that is hajj , you can help

Campaign Ended

Madagascar's Solar Cooker Project..

by Michaelalexander Neub..

Solar,Cooker, Project,NATURE,Agricultural,forest,EROSION,wood,charcoal,population

Campaign Ended

Viral Talents..

by Yousef Hammoda

An online talents competition on YouTube, helping to grow the Middle Eastern talent community.

Campaign Ended

FlightsArabia - Compare, Book & Explore. Your ONE stop sho..

by Sachin Kumar Jain

Search for cheapest Flights, Hotel & Travel deals, save money and time to travel more.

Campaign Ended

Arab University Online..

by Arab University

An integrated system of remote training with full support for Arabic language

Campaign Ended

The IMAM App - Best Muslim App ever made - special feature..

by S. Matthias Mende

Revolutionary, Best and most advanced Islamic APP. Pray Times,Compass,Easy Pray Learn Feature.

Campaign Ended

Help Women of Pakistan Earn and Prosper..

by Bambi

Helping poor women of Pakistan earn money with the help of fashion and textiles .

Campaign Ended

Art7aké: Unique Arabic designs..

by Nader Dagher

Custom made, witty and unique Arabic designs that can be printed on different material.

Campaign Ended

Arab Excellence: World Tour to inspire the youth and honou..

by Hamza Chraibi

Interviewing ARAB success stories around the world to INSPIRE the youth

Campaign Ended

'The Brain That Sings' Film Autism Awareness Campaign..

by Amal Al-agroobi

Feature documentary film about 2 autistic boys and their 3 month journey through music therapy

Successfully Funded
$10,150 Raised(102%) — 17 Funders

Rasheed The Film: A Documentary about the Inspiring, Rivet..

by Samia Badih

A reporter tells the story of her uncle who was killed during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Successfully Funded
$12,725 Raised(106%) — 54 Funders

HIJAB-GIRL Comics !..

by Sarah Alhazmi

Winner of the "ME FILM & COMIC CON 2013" best unpublished comic book. Let’s get it published!

Successfully Funded
$10,001 Raised(100%) — 32 Funders