Audiolaby Audibooks..

by Marwan Benhafsia

In Audiolaby, we produce Free and Paid audiobooks, Podcasts and Audio kid stories

Successfully Funded
$1,289 Raised(129%) — 9 Funders

El 9ahwa..

by MOULA Mohamed

This is a 3D comedy series, accompanied by a video game

Successfully Funded
$1,125 Raised(113%) — 4 Funders

MENA: lights! camera! action!..

by Aida Khemiri

Same stories about women happening in three different Arab cities: Beirut, Cairo, and Tunis.

Successfully Funded
$5,576 Raised(186%) — 61 Funders

Cogite Creative Corner..

by Cogite Coworking Spac..

The Creative Corner will provide high-quality creative tools to entrepreneurs in Tunisia

Successfully Funded
$6,426 Raised(129%) — 74 Funders

Lammat al Medina Film Festival..

by Lamma Twiza

A chance for several directors to shoot and screen their shorts in the Medina of Tunis

Successfully Funded
$6,292 Raised(105%) — 135 Funders

Women in between |love|honor|shame..

by Info@maboula-producti..

Between violence and social exclusion women inter[act] on a web documentary ways of empowerment

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DEBBO 52,Art project Incubator and co-working space for ar..

by Rafik Omrani

Art Project incubator for young artists from Tunisia and Arab world.

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by Sabrine jenhani

The Tunisian artist, Sabrine Jenhani, returns to the forefront of the scene with a new self-produced solo project called

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صحيفة زوالي..

by زوالي نات

هذه المجلة الإخباريّة باللغة العربيّة،تتوجّه إلى جميع القرّاء العرب في العالم.

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ALIENated Kasserine: The first 3D Animated Short Movie, Ma..

by Walid Abaidi

The first 3D animated short movie made in Kasserine telling the story of a lost Alien

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The Tunis Times: Tunisia's first Internet newspaper!..

by Amen Jelili

The Tunis Times is Tunisia's first Internet newspaper, founded by a team of young individuals

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Arab spring for kids..

by زينب هداجي

A fable for childrens, narrating through the animals' voice, the story of the so-called Arab Spring

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