by ahmad chaker

The life sinew is a project aimed at securing a certain amount of electricity for about 25 houses

مستقبلك بايدك..

by Muhamad Hamammi

الهدف إقامة مركز مجتمعي في مدينة حلب - سوريا يقدم خدمات للشباب في مجال العمل المهني المختص في مجال التكنولوجيا عن طري

Campaign Ended

ديوان بعنوان جيران الغبار..

by عماد موسى شعبان..

ديوان شعري بعنوان جيران الغبار قطع متوسط 120 صفحة ديوان يحمل قصائد سردية واقعية تصور حالة انسانية معاصرة من مخيمات الش

Campaign Ended

Initiative and campaign fluoridation it..

by mohamad moaaz al masa..

Medical Initiative incorporates three ideas as fluoridation school children teeth and educate them about dental health and

Campaign Ended

معرض "الحب العربي"..

by Alex Sy

إقامة معرض ضخم يتحدث عن الحب والسلام في عالمنا العربي

Campaign Ended

الترويج لمجلة وقناة كوكبي للأطفال..

by حيدرة عبد الله..

في شهر يوليو الماضي،أطلقت قناةً ومجلة إلكترونيتين للأطفال على شبكة الإنترنت،وأنا بحاجة لدعم مشروعي كي أقوم بالترويج له على

Campaign Ended

Supporting Arab youth..

by MedoOo

We will work to recruit the largest possible number of young Arabs electronic sites

Campaign Ended

بسمة أمل..

by Ahmad

فكرة المشروع هي إنشاء نادي للأطفال لرفع معنوياتهم التي تأثرت بالوضع الحالي بسوريا

Campaign Ended

خبزة و زيتونة..

by Ahmad

سعياً لتقليص حالات الفقر و الجوع سنقوم بعمل مشروع موائد طعام للمحتاجين نتيجة الحرب بسورية

Campaign Ended

تربية الابقار وصناعة الأجبان وتامين فرص عمل في الريف..

by Ali Ali

تربية الابقار وصناعة الاجبان الريفية.وتوفير فرص عمل في الريف .الاستفادة من هذا المشروع لأكثر من 10عائلات فقيرة.

Campaign Ended

Manga: Triplets of Syriacs..

by Nour Hannawi

I wanna be the first Syrian Manga artist & author who reach the Japanese & global comic world.

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

Electric generator to a Syrian village to pump water and p..

by Mohamed Shaban

Electric generator to a Syrian village to pump water and provide electricity for more than 100

Campaign Ended

Women's Empowerment Center..

by Alan Othman

Under the circle in Syria war Syrian women have doubled responsibilities, come to contribute

Campaign Ended

Test troupe..

by ريمي سرميني ..

Create a First Syrian Theater Troupe From Damascus To The World

Campaign Ended

Helping Boy Educate..

by Saleh90

Helping a clever Boy to continue his education , he can help their family by his education

Campaign Ended

MARSAMI,fine arts for kids in Damascus..

by Ghada Haddad

Fine Arts Academy for kids in Damascus. A space for hope, needs a dose of oxygen to continue

Successfully Funded
$2,050 Raised(103%) — 24 Funders

عيدية طفل محاصر..

by Nader Altayara

نطمح عبر منصة ذومال لتقديم الهدايا لأطفال حمص المحاصرين في عيد الفطر السعيد لإدخال البسمة عليهم

Campaign Ended

Power generation by the multiplied energy of the wind at r..

by Khaled Katmawi Sabbag..

Unique and very low cost method for power generation by wind energy.PCTpatent of United Kingdom

Campaign Ended

Shahid magazin..

by Mhamad Nassef

A monthly revolutionary magazine published a in the south of Syria and distributed free

Campaign Ended

Bonne - The First E-Market..

by عادل بيروتي

The first e-market in syria, it will provide online shopping service with all requirements.

One, One 1,1..

by رامي غدير

Prose Poem cafe,SYR will launch project 1,1 which is the fraction of printing in the Arab World

Campaign Ended

Library Tomoh to student services aa..

by فريق طموح

Ambitious volunteer team has a dream and vision to serve the university students in the Kiswa

Campaign Ended

مجلة أدبية ثقافية فنية تصدر عن دار الأنامل العربية..

by Enamelarab

مجلة الأنامل العربية مجلة ادبية ثقافية فنية تضم كتّاب وشعراء

Campaign Ended

المطعم العالمي..

by وسيم نحاس

مطعم له مقر وتوصيل الطلبات للمنزل عبر تطبيق جوال نبدأ في مدينة واحدة ثم ننتقل لعدة مدن نقدم اطباق شرقية وغربية ونقول بتعديل

Campaign Ended

Rouharb band..

by Rouharb

We want to send a message of humanity through arts, since we consider this the essence of life.

Campaign Ended

Arab magazine..

by marks abdo

Our aim in this campaign to create an electronic journal that employ young Arab lovers writing

Campaign Ended

I have the right to study..

by Hiba Alromy

Educational campaign reach more than 800 homeless child who left their schools because of war

Campaign Ended

Arab Academics Forum..

by ديما معلا

arabs academic community involved science and knowledge and presents the achievements of them

Campaign Ended

إعادة تدوير الألبسة القديمة والمستعملة والأقمشة للاستفادة ..

by Wejdan Nassif

Recycling available and unusable cloths to be useful for those Syrian children and people

Campaign Ended

Live arts..

by Reem Khatib

Embodiment and explanation visual art Investing art for liaison people vision reproduce arts

Campaign Ended

Cinematic Events in Aleppo: Bringing Life to the City..

by Yara Tlass

Cinema in Aleppo, Syria: A happy Space for Syrian Children

Successfully Funded
$11,518 Raised(115%) — 45 Funders

Faia - The Debut..

by Faia Younan

My first step is with you, my music will be ours

Successfully Funded
$26,369 Raised(105%) — 119 Funders

Al-ghad Magazine..

by Ahmad Abd alwahab

Establishing a local magazine published by a local NGO, aiming to increase awareness

Successfully Funded
$6,700 Raised(100%) — 10 Funders

TRAVEL: Feature Documentary Film..

by Yasser Kassab

My partner Rima and I carrying our luggage for two years out of Syria.

Campaign Ended

On The Other Side..

by Feras Fayyad

Syrian poet at exile watches his homeland destroyed and start to search on it in word & music

Campaign Ended

Debian Handbook: Arabic Translation..

by Muhammad Saied

Translating the Debian Administrator Handbook into Arabic

Successfully Funded
$4,500 Raised(100%) — 26 Funders