Support Yousef Kekhia to Produce Monologue..

by Yos Ki

Support Yousef to bring his debut album "Monologue" to the world. Support independent Arabic music to keep it alive.

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$10,060 Raised(101%) — 68 Funders

Bonne - The First E-Market..

by عادل بيروتي

The first e-market in syria, it will provide online shopping service with all requirements.


Cinematic Events in Aleppo: Bringing Life to the City..

by Yara Tlass

Cinema in Aleppo, Syria: A happy Space for Syrian Children

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$11,518 Raised(115%) — 45 Funders

Faia - The Debut..

by Houssam Abdul Khalek

My first step is with you, my music will be ours

Successfully Funded
$26,369 Raised(105%) — 119 Funders

Al-ghad Magazine..

by Ahmad Abd alwahab

Establishing a local magazine published by a local NGO, aiming to increase awareness

Successfully Funded
$6,700 Raised(100%) — 10 Funders

Debian Handbook: Arabic Translation..

by Muhammad Saied

Translating the Debian Administrator Handbook into Arabic

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$4,500 Raised(100%) — 26 Funders

MARSAMI,fine arts for kids in Damascus..

by Ghada Haddad

Fine Arts Academy for kids in Damascus. A space for hope, needs a dose of oxygen to continue

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$2,050 Raised(103%) — 24 Funders

إعادة تدوير الألبسة القديمة والمستعملة والأقمشة للاستفادة ..

by Wejdan Nassif

Recycling available and unusable cloths to be useful for those Syrian children and people

Campaign Ended

Power generation by the multiplied energy of the wind at r..

by Khaled Katmawi Sabbag..

Unique and very low cost method for power generation by wind energy.PCTpatent of United Kingdom

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One, One 1,1..

by رامي غدير

Prose Poem cafe,SYR will launch project 1,1 which is the fraction of printing in the Arab World

Campaign Ended