Capacity building of civil society organizations..


To strengthen the civil society organizations to be more institutional and effective to help build peace in Darfur after

Work table..

by الهادي عبد الرحيم..

It is a social and office communication site that sits in a company and you manage your business and communicate in a professional

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SUDAN Orphans Care..

by Salah Khogali Ismail

Project aims to provide assistance to 450 orphans during the school year .

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نادي الضحك..

by Fatima Abdelrahman

نادي خدمي ترفيهي متكامل هو الاول من نوعه في السودان . .

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Rescue The Forgotten Pyramids of Sudan..

by Edgardo Chalco

Let's enter an ancient Nubian pyramid to restore the paintings and texts of one of the few decorated burial chambers still

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Arabic Cancer Research : Heart electromagnetic Effect on C..

by Mohamed Elfatih

concerning Cancer cells and Cell differentiation , we have Strong evidence to create a powerful cancer treatment

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Electrical energy self..

by Hussin Abdalla

I want industry mechanical device that generates electricity self-dependent manner on the basis of movement nor any of the

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Agricultural producers Project..

by ابوبكر عبدالغفار..

Vegetable gardening project to meet the needs of citizens and contribute to the operation of more than 80 workers and thus

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Tirhal: Transportation Solution in Sudan..

by محمد الزاكي

Tirhal Connected between passengers and caps through Mobile App and Call center, tirhal help to solve big transportation

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Sudan zip code..

by Abdulrahman Awad

I have programmed a website contains all Sudan zip code ( because there was not a website for Sudan zip codes

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Mind Simulation..

by Moayd Kamal-aldeen

The project is device that emulates brain signals to send it to the muscles via sensors muscle

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by Hozifa zainelabidin

It’s an electronic newspaper (mobile application) that work in smart phone. And it’s content the regular newspaper position.

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The code of life..

by Amin

مشروع رمز الحياة هو مشروع لتسجيل الحالات التي تحتاج للمساعدة في مجال العلاج والتعليم وتوفير وسائل الانتاج عبر الرد الصوتي الت

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اللعبة العربية..

by Abo-baker

لعبة جماعية استراتيجية مصممة بايدي عربية الرؤية توطين صناعة الالعاب في الوطن العربي والتوعية ب

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Alhaggay Studio..

by Mohamed Yahia

creative studio to provide Sudan history to Sudanese people and the world as comics

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انشاء ماركة ملابس..

by عثمان الباقر..

انشاء ماركة ملابس سودانية تهتم بالجودة العالية و اخر صيحات الموضة مع التراث العربي و اسعار زهيدة

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Devlop our comunity..

by عثمان الباقر..

we make a courses about the technology and how to devlop our comunity by it

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The information within everyone..

by Mohammed Ezz

'Education site Default between the student and the teacher and the information The easiest and most convenient ways how

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"كُونِي المرآة"..

by Weam

حملة اعلامية للعمل على تغيير الصورة النمطية السالبة عن المرأة في السودان عبرفيديوهات قصيرةPSA

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by Mohamed Taha ahmed

PRODUCTION AMAGIC waterproofing aqueous wondrous of local materials at very low prices

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Khartoum Innovation Hub: Help Sudan Innovate..

by Mohamed

Join building startup and innovation community in Sudan, Support the first coworking Space

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