Aswat Nabila..

by Mohammed Alhamoud

Aswat Nabila captures Nabila's determination to preserve a “collective musical memory" for Arab- and Muslim- Americans i

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Trochet - Reshape Plastic Bags creatively..

by Dianarayan دياناريان..

Turning plastic bags wastes into creative products delivered to you with passion & love!

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$5,000 Raised(100%) — 33 Funders

Telegames Marketplace for exchange & sell playstation & xb..

by Sultan Muhayya

Telegames It is a marketplace for exchange & sell playstation & xbox video games

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Design Matters! Help us move KSA towards a creative econom..

by Sofana Dahlan

"We want people to develop, exercise and celebrate their creative potential in KSA."

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Video Game:Ayoob..

by دلال سعيد

a visual novel game that follows the school life of the 4th grade student Ayoob and his friends

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SamTronics YouTube Channel..

by سامي خنفور

YouTube channel for Electronics Engineering ,hardware hacks ,recycle electronics wast and more

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تطبيق لفة..

by Samar Alsalmi

تطبيق لفة يجمع تجار المولات الكبرى ليتيح لهم تطوير التجارة التقليدية إلى إلكترونية و يقدم خدمات لحل مشكلات التسوق عند العملاء

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