Mali Mali Song Project..

by Ahmad Marwan

Help Ahmad Marwan to release his third song " Mali Mali " in a way that enrich the Palestinian arts

تمويل اجهزة طبية خاصة بالعلاج الطبيعي لكبار السن ومصابين ا..

by محمد أبو هشام..

لاتمام المركز التطوعي في مخيم البريج -يحتاج المركز لصيانة بعض الاجهزة الموجودة بالمركز ويستقبل المركز الخاصة والمحتاجة في القط

Successfully Funded
$1,100 Raised(110%) — 1 Funders

Support 10 Deaf Needy Children from Gaza Attend Primary Ed..

by Atfaluna Society

Change the lives of 10 deaf needy children from Gaza by sponsoring a special education classroom. Give deaf children a better

Successfully Funded
$5,205 Raised(104%) — 21 Funders

Al Shmoah kindergarten (the second phase)..

by Jawad zawahra

Completion of the second phase A kindergarten in the territories on the South of Bethlehem. Every child deserves to play

Successfully Funded
$3,212 Raised(107%) — 21 Funders

Develop Almasra Press News Network..

by Mohamad Zwahra

This campaign aims to gather the basic resources to develop Almasra Press News Network: a room, a laptop, two cameras, and

Successfully Funded
$1,800 Raised(180%) — 27 Funders

We have a hope..

by Abdallah Altahrawi


Successfully Funded
$17,087 Raised(171%) — 48 Funders

28 magazine..

by محمود الشاعر Mahmoud ..

28 magazine is a cultural, literary magazine highlighting the Palestinian cultural reality

Successfully Funded
$5,063 Raised(101%) — 14 Funders

Nablus Festival..

by Project Hope

Project Hope organizes Nablus 1st International Festival. From April 25th to May 2nd.

Successfully Funded
$8,059 Raised(115%) — 91 Funders

Loz Project For Arabic Greeting Cards..

by Maysa Alshaer

Loz is a project that aims at encouraging the culture of Arabic greeting cards and gifts..

Successfully Funded
$8,105 Raised(101%) — 33 Funders

Al Shmoah kindergarten..

by Jawad zawahra

A kindergarten in the territories on the South of Bethlehem. Every child deserves to play,

Successfully Funded
$8,510 Raised(106%) — 73 Funders

Nour Project..

by Mohammad Darweesh

Audiobooks For Blind people

Campaign Ended

The City Of Small Toys..

by Eman Suliman

They create clips and chains educational and entertainment and lyricism in arabic as the basis.

Campaign Ended

Rehabilitation of Qalandiah Music Center..

by Celine Dagher

Rehabilitation of a center in the refugee camp of Qalandia to provide music lessons to children

Campaign Ended

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro..

by John Atick

I am on a mission to raise the Palestinian flag over the 7 summits in the world and I am going to start with Mount Kilimanjaro

Campaign Ended


by Aida Hussein

Conference about Autism awareness and the latest news and treatment about Autism

Campaign Ended

The Dragon Tears: an animation story for children...

by Ghada Terawi

Japanese folktale which tells one not to fear the unknown, but embrace the adventure.

Campaign Ended

Antica: Together we create beauty in your home..

by دعاء كامل

Specialist decor project, in addition to the recycling of solid waste to use in home decoratin

Campaign Ended

Short film / memorysperm..

by Mahmoud Abu Ghalwa

A short film delve deeper into the psychological effects in children as a result of physical ha

Campaign Ended

انتاج السماد العضوى..

by اسامة شعت

الحملة مقتصر على عملية تحويل فضلات الطعام المنزلى الى سماد عضوى واستخدامه فى الزراعة لجعل المنتج الزراعى وتحسينه وجعله خالى من الكيماوي

Campaign Ended

Camp For Life..

by Ihab Jaber

70 youth will camp together, learn to live as one with nature, and build character

Campaign Ended

مبادرة رصد Rassd Initiative..

by احمد ديرية

مبادرة شبابية فلسطينية تهدف لتعزيز مفهوم المواطنة بين المواطنين والبلديات باستخدام وسائل تكنولوجيا حديثة وتشكيل شبكة تثقيف اقران شبابية .

Campaign Ended

Space for Children: Education and Culture..

by Moeen El sousi

A space for cultural education, free contemporary activities, fine arts, music & literature

Campaign Ended