Intelligent Solar Tree..

by Salma Moustaid

BreathRee is an Intelligent Urban Equipment that provides Entertainment Civic Education and equips Public Places with innovative

Empower Kids from Challenging Backgrounds through Arts..

by Zineb Lahbabi

Our program #childartist aims at offering arts classes (drama, music, painting...) to children from difficult backgrounds

Successfully Funded
$1,910 Raised(212%) — 17 Funders

Empowering Women in the Atlas..

by Lamia Bazir

Construction of a public bathhouse managed by women, in a small village in the Atlas mountains

Successfully Funded
$10,020 Raised(118%) — 81 Funders

OPEN DOORS: The Cinémathèque de Tanger Film Collection..

by Cinémathèque De tange..

A pilot program for North African moving-image archiving and film preservation.

Successfully Funded
$10,655 Raised(107%) — 45 Funders

Educationcm, college and university orientation in Africa ..

by Jihane Laraichi

A one place for the orientation of college and university students of all Middle East Africa

Successfully Funded
$18,612 Raised(103%) — 89 Funders

FikraLab, collaborative innovation space in Morocco : Chan..

by Fikra wa Basma

FikraLab : Experience -> Understand -> Love -> Be creative & innovate -> Leave your imprint !

Successfully Funded
$5,663 Raised(103%) — 49 Funders

Exposé Artisanal..

by Jess Stephens

A pop-up museum and book to reveal who and what are behind the old doorways of the Fassi crafts


Womentoring for employability..

by Jihane Laraichi

We connect girls students with mentors who help them achieve their study and professional goals

Successfully Funded
$6,501 Raised(100%) — 21 Funders

Give a Chance..

by Khadija EL GHAZI

“Give a Chance” to people to share their passion & dare to express and show up the artist

Campaign Ended


by Az Taleb

An international media arts platform, digital art and new cinema Festival- Marrakech Morocco

Campaign Ended

Zero to Hero '' LILZOO''..

by Yassine Alaoui Ismai..

The story of a kid from a poor hood in Casablanca who made it to be a breakdance world champion

Campaign Ended

Innovation Lab..

by المركز الوطني للمبدعي..

The InnovationLab is a scientific area equipped with machines and tools and a staff specialized

Campaign Ended

Book I Have a Dream: The Arab Countries and the Dream of A..

by Nabil Bakani

The road to justice, democracy and peace and coexistence

Campaign Ended

KARAMA's 2nd album : VISA..

by Soufian Saihi

“VISA” is KARAMA’s second album - Dedicated to all 3rd world citizens

Campaign Ended

Build a school for the children of Tarbat in Azilal-Morocc..

by Hasnaâ Oumimoun

Construction and equipment of a school for Ait Bouwali children who are studying in tragic conditions in the Atlas mountains

Campaign Ended

STEMLabs: Empower kids to explore science and technology..

by Youssef EL ALLALI

Help us build a community development center to build generations of skilled innovators in Morocco

Campaign Ended

The first arabic movie shot in one shot..

by خالد التاقي

A long film with the one shot technique, revolves saround a criminal who kidnap 16 people and force them to play the game

Campaign Ended