Re-pulse تيرجع ينبض..

by jalal abouss

Life is precious, The actions we take can make a critical difference in someone’s life. Train to become a heart-saver, B

Job Care "A free recruiting website"..

by Bassem Al Jawhary

Job Care Pro will be a unique job portal and first of its kind in Lebanon and Arab countries, it's a "Free Recruiting website".

Campaign Ended

مسرح بيلسان..

by Mohamad Hazeneh

من نحن ؟ نحن مجموعة من الشّباب من مختلف الثّقافات ومتعدّدي الإختصاصات ،نسعى إلى توظيف إختصاصاتنا في خدمة المجتمع داخل شاتيلا من

Campaign Ended

Nutrition Portal - مجلة تغذيتي..

by Taghziati Magazine provides nutritional content through articles & videos to raise awareness and seek a healthy lifestyle through

TechnoFusion Team Competing in Bath, UK..

by Alaeddine El Masri E..

As the finalist in the national competition, TechnoFusion Team needs support to achieve its mission & win the internat'l

Samir Al Kontar Web series..

by Mohammad Zaiyer

هذا الويب سيريس هو لروح المناضل العربي سمير القنطار الذي قضى حوالي ال 30 سنة

Campaign Ended

سحابة الطاقة العربية..

by عبد الكريم العوير ..

مشروع خارطة متكاملة للطاقة المتجددة في العالم العربي، من خلال جمع وتحليل البيانات الخاصة بالسطوع الشمسي والرياح و غيرها،

BEFORE WE HEAL - A short film by Nadim Hobeika..

by Nadim Hobeika

Two ex lovers are having trouble communicating in the same space, when a separating door allows them to express themselves

Successfully Funded
$7,525 Raised(100%) — 71 Funders

Al Nidaa Al Akhir: Sarcastic Social Play..

by Chafic Chamaa

Last call, cynical social play, is taking place in a bus bringing back Lebanese citizens from an Arab country after the end

The Olive Grove - Beirut CoWorking..

by Anna Medearis

The Olive Grove provides a space & mentorship to empower creatives & entrepreneurs, and encourage economic growth and stabilty

Successfully Funded
$8,500 Raised(121%) — 28 Funders

Eduzone Lebanon - Enhance online learning..

by Ibrahim Dhaini

We would like to provide an online library to students and train them to use internet to get all what they need and develop

Campaign Ended

Send - M a i s i E - to Anima Mundi..

by Francois Chahine

Maisie has been selected to be part of Anima Mundi art Festival-Venice. Your support will cover participation, printing and

Campaign Ended

كواليس - Behind The Curtains..

by bilal hatab

As an independent-study project, Behind the Curtains-كواليس is an educational experience that goes beyond the typical class

Campaign Ended

Support Baalbeck's International Short Films Festival..

by Baalbeck Film Festiva..

Your support to our project will help organizing the First Independent Film Festival in Baalbeck, Lebanon!

Successfully Funded
$19,528 Raised(130%) — 59 Funders

Children Running for Peace..

by DPNA Lebanon

DPNA is supporting 500 children to participate in Saida International Marathon, running for peace and development. We need

Campaign Ended

Zahret El Mansheye Festival for Flowers and Art..

by Walid Swayssi

Zahret El Mansheye Festival is a free, outdoor flowers and art festival, open to everyone.On 16th of April 2017

Campaign Ended

What if: A Documentary on Poverty in Lebanon..

by Kamal Terro

A short Documentary that captures the reality lives of 5 Lebanese families living under the poverty line.

Campaign Ended

The Journey to Infinity..

by SANAD The Home Hospic..

Our target is to raise 25,000 USD to support more patients and families in the most precious times of their lives.

Successfully Funded
$29,300 Raised(117%) — 50 Funders

Child Labor..

by Patriotic Vision Org..

Remove 30 children from worst forms of child labor and help them, enroll stay and succeed in school. Reintegrate and make

Campaign Ended

Together for a new and improved Daleel Madani..

by Lebanon Support

Help us improve Daleel Madani, the #1 portal for civil society actors in Lebanon, to ensure a better tool for a more efficient

Successfully Funded
$4,205 Raised(105%) — 57 Funders

The Haven House:For the Arts, By the Arts..

by The Haven House

Haven aims to empower youth & artists by giving them a safe space, where they can learn and grow creatively together - empowered

Campaign Ended

GUS FARAH: The Comeback..

by Yaman Khouri

Gus Farah's songs airing across the world, placing in top 10 on the Billboard charts, needing your support & back up to release

Campaign Ended

Nostalgia - The Good Old Days!..

by Imad Bazzi

Nostalgia needs your help to restore, digitize, and publish videos & photos from the good old days. Let's share the love!

Campaign Ended

The Other: Support refugee kids get access to education in..

by Joe Hoster

Every child has a right to education, help us get more children off the streets and into classrooms.

Successfully Funded
$4,900 Raised(100%) — 37 Funders

11 Year Old Football Team Representing Lebanon in Sporty I..

by Salim Ramadan

Help 11yr old Lebanese Talents represent Lebanon in the Sporty International games vs teams like Barcelona, Real, Mancity,

Campaign Ended

Tepro EyeGlasses..

by Hadi Rammal

We found a solution for the problem facing seniors at night driving.After some research we created glasses that will solve

Successfully Funded
$1,000 Raised(100%) — 3 Funders

Short film..

by Mohammed Issa

Filming short films about Palestinian refugees in Lebanon to highlight their rights and their suffering for the delivery

Campaign Ended

Social Tv Channel..

by Yaman Khouri

TV covers the tourism, community & culture etc in all sectors for LEBANON & the world, this TV takes you in a daily worldwide

Campaign Ended

مدرسة تعليم الكترونية - تصميم دروس تفاعلية واختبارات اتمتة..

by Chahhla Sadek

تصميم دروس تفاعلية باستخدام برامج التصميم الفلاش انيميمت والفوتوشوب تصميم تطبيقات تعليمية ونشرها على الموقع التعليمي http://c

Campaign Ended

My First Musical Mini Album (Oriental)..

by Mohammad Zaiyer

A Talented Lebanese Lyricist, Composer and Singer , 21 Years Old seeking for your help to make it into his first musical

Campaign Ended


by Farah Srouji

Enrolling 10 dropout students of needy families in Sidon city in accelerated vocational training course and self-development

Successfully Funded
$5,137 Raised(103%) — 40 Funders

The Obsessive Drafter..

by Ghouyoum RapidManufac..

TOD is an autonomous robot arm that draws portraits. We did a first prototype, we need your help to make it to St-Etienne

Successfully Funded
$8,091 Raised(101%) — 28 Funders

Diaries of an anxious 27 year old..

by Lama Joseph

As a 27 year old woman battling with depression and anxiety, the one possible way i was able to fight it is to write about

Campaign Ended

Sami tools..

by joseph estephan

A project to help a good man in the community to reopen his tool/fixing shop which just got robbed.

Campaign Ended

Sunday Market: Tripoli (Documentary)..

by Yahya Mourad

A creative feature documentary about Tripoli's Sunday Market which is an iconic but not well-known feature of the city.

Successfully Funded
$1,115 Raised(112%) — 18 Funders

10452 and more..

by ميشال الدكاش..

“Bonheur du Ciel" is working on raising funds to distribute "10452 and more" food packages to "10452 and more" families f

Successfully Funded
$21,255 Raised(101%) — 206 Funders

Muse - Nagham Hayati..

by Fatma Racha Shehadeh

A short film featuring a Syrian refugee child who, traumatized by the war, embarks on a journey to his homeland in search

Successfully Funded
$10,665 Raised(107%) — 45 Funders

Hadanati Mobile Application..

by Hussein Ramadan

Hadanati is an All Platforms Innovative Mobile Application for Nurseries, Kindergartens, Preschools and Daycares.

Campaign Ended

Smart Bus Stops..

by H2 Design

Creating a chain of sustainable and smart bus stops.

Successfully Funded
$4,665 Raised(117%) — 49 Funders

Coding School Tour by TeensWhoCode..

by Nour Atrissi

TeensWhoCode is organizing a school tour to introduce computer science to all public high schools in Lebanon by June 2017

Campaign Ended

My Islam: Pray On Time..


-Islamic prayer tracker application with a strong character! -you will never miss a prayer! -statistical system to improve

Campaign Ended

The Selfie..

by Sam Sakhle

It is a short Film about a guy named David who takes a selfie at work. He discovers that editing the selfie, automatically

Campaign Ended

The Youngest Star 2017..

by Samer Jalloul

A singing contest for kids with a twist. Seeking voices in small town schools,winner gets multiple prizes and a single recorded

Campaign Ended

Tripoli Film Festival 2017..

by Elias Khlat

To insure the continuity and independence of the Tripoli Film Festival - Lebanon, help us to raise one third of the festival

Successfully Funded
$1,671 Raised(167%) — 15 Funders

Cross The Line: Adam's Run to Support the Free Mental Heal..


IDRAAC, a leading mental health NGO, is working on supporting a free mental health clinic which offers treatment and awareness

Successfully Funded
$23,114 Raised(116%) — 48 Funders

Temperature control of Residential Solar water Heaters..

by Haytham Dbouk

An innovative solution for the overheating problem of solar water heaters, consumers are offered 2 choices manual or automated

Campaign Ended


by Samer Jalloul

An opportunity to change the way you wash your car by creating the convenience of a delivery car washing service that is

Campaign Ended

Arabic version of "where is the love " song..

by Faisal Al-kamali

We want to make the arabic version of the famous song " where is the love " by back eyed pease band

Campaign Ended

Jafra team Refugees to Refugees in Greece..

by Jafra Greece

Jafra team, Refugees to Refugees, is an initiative by youth refugees in Greece camps.

Successfully Funded
$5,549 Raised(111%) — 9 Funders


by Rotaract Club of Sahe..

A composting center that will treat Antoura's organic waste, leading towards a zero waste town & being a role model to other

Successfully Funded
$14,798 Raised(106%) — 107 Funders

Storyteller Trips..

by Lebanese Center For ..

Storyteller trips is a mobile theater project that aims to promote non-violent communication

Campaign Ended

Start Up Lebanon Who's Who..

by Maan Barazy

StartUp LebanonWho's Who is the first guide of its kind. It has an online and Print version

Campaign Ended

ServeIT Business Development..

by Teddy Fahed

Hello, It's Teddy from Lebanon. I would like to fundraise my hosting company development. I just need a couple of thousands

Campaign Ended

نشر إبداع الأدب العربي..

by Ahmad

نحتاج للدعم من أجل القيام بمشروع ينمي الأدب العربي و لا سيما الكتابة و الشعر

Campaign Ended

Recycle 55,000 bottles at Beirut Marathon..

by Nader Nakib

Help us recycle 55,000 bottles at the 2016 Beirut Marathon for the 6th year & you can win an iWatch from

Campaign Ended

Solar Power To The Women..

by Greenpeace غرينبيس..

The project will raise money to provide solar energy for a women cooperative in south Lebanon

Successfully Funded
$8,000 Raised(107%) — 42 Funders

Lebanon On Screen - A Book by Zaven Kouyoumdjian..

by Zaven Kouyoumdjian

Lebanon On Screen - The Greatest Moments of Lebanese Television & Pop Culture. A book by Zaven Kouyoumdjian.

Campaign Ended

"What Should I Do With My Life?", Answered...

by Katarzyna Shalhoub

Career advice for students: HOW to design a meaningful, successful future that fits the market!

Campaign Ended

Help our challenged bakers!..

by Josyane Boulos

We are 18 young mentally challenged boys and girls learning to become bakers at Al Majal NGO!

Successfully Funded
$10,865 Raised(109%) — 86 Funders

Healthy Body Needs A Great App..

by Ahmad Kassaa

This project make helps us to gain perfect and healthy body using a simple Software/ Web and gives you a perfect schedule

Campaign Ended

Fresh YouTube channel..

by محمد عبدالله محمد..

Misc global channel, live broadcasts of events

Campaign Ended

Rozine Needs a Liver Transplant..

by Catherine Moughalian

I woke up on Sunday 17th and found out I need to raise 200,000 USD to keep my mom alive.

Successfully Funded
$86,565 Raised(108%) — 675 Funders

Beirut Singing Academy..

by Hannah Mursal

Trained singers flying over from the US to give a 2 week masterclass for those wanting to learn

Campaign Ended


by ZeeLd

The super comfy pillow that plays your music, monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyzes your sleep and intelligently

Campaign Ended

Hipo Dan..

by VanHoss

Help build a hall for break dance practise

Campaign Ended

And Action - Cinema Movie..

by Georges Bou Mansour

This romantic yet hilarious comedy seeks to deal with social issues in a light hearted, fun for all the family way.

Campaign Ended

Under-A-Wear Campaign:Collect Money to Provide the Syrian ..

by Diana Maddah

Be Aware! Basic hygienic needs of Syrian Children, $1 provides a child with one underwear!

Campaign Ended

Last goodbyes to Eddy Mamo..

by Nicole Khawand

Help us raise money to bring back Eddy's body to be buried in Beirut as his last wish.

Successfully Funded
$9,628 Raised(120%) — 88 Funders


by Alan Mehanna

A couple reach a breaking point in their relationship due to the buried secrets over the course of the five years they were

Campaign Ended

Above 5000 Test..

by Mhamad Al Haj


Campaign Ended

Under 5000 test..

by Mhamad Al Haj

Testing the coupon coed

Campaign Ended

AlSindibad Library..

by Nazih Fino (SEED)

Sindibad LIbrary aims to provide an educational and engaging space for Vulnerable children

Campaign Ended

SONBULA - An Application for memorizing Quran in a CREATIV..

by محمد أنس الكردي..

First application for memorizing Quran in a new & creative way.

Campaign Ended

Take Me Home..

by Paw Shake

Reach out a hand to build this shelter in our city and save these homeless dogs from the street

Campaign Ended


by Basmeh Zeitooneh

Basmeh and Zeitooneh's crowd funding campaign #forthejourney which will be raising money for three core programs currently

Successfully Funded
$56,249 Raised(225%) — 62 Funders

The Cedar & the Steel. (Le Cèdre et l'Acier)..

by Valerie Vincent

A film for the preservation of Beirut's memory and stones. Un film pour préserver la mémoire des pierres au Liban.

Successfully Funded
$11,960 Raised(120%) — 51 Funders


by Arfan Haddad


Campaign Ended

Lebanese Under 18 Rugby League to Compete in Serbia..

by Assaad Feghali

Strengthen Lebanese Rugby League through helping us compete in our first European Tournament.

Campaign Ended

Smile on all arab kids..

by Mathieu Reboisson

Spreading a smile on all underprivileged Arab kids. First event taking 2000 kids to KidzMondo

Campaign Ended

Solar Street Lights for Mansoura Municipality, Bekaa Valle..

by Patrick Ardahalian

We will install three solar street lights for Municipality of Mansoura and make complete study

Campaign Ended

U MedCare..

by Ahmad Hijazi

U MedCare is a healthcare service that gives it's incepts access to partial coverage (50%) over various medical services.

Campaign Ended

Mind and Soul - Play..

by Feyrouz Abou Hassan

Help young artists and give them a chance to create a path of their own. Support young talent.

Successfully Funded
$6,000 Raised(100%) — 22 Funders


by Jeffry Roukoz

What does it take for a child to smile? Answer: An amazing birthday, a lot of memories along with a wonderful time for parents

Campaign Ended

Lebanese Robotics Team..

by Jad Tarabay

We are a Lebanese Robotics Team that won the 1st place last year in the World Festival. The first Arab team to win this world

Campaign Ended

Rising Lebanese & Arab Youth Stars In Oslo, Norway..

by Youth Football Academ..

35 young athletes from Lebanon,Palestine,Syria&Jordan; will travel as 1 team to achieve a dream!

Campaign Ended

Campaign Sheltering 100 homeless..

by kahwaji Group

This campaign to get a small funding to house 100 homeless

Campaign Ended

Film regret tear..

by Robert Alti

dramatic short film deals with the difficulty relationship between wife and mother of hasband

Campaign Ended

ما قبل القلم..

by محمد سعيد رجب عفارة..

عرض كتاب مؤلف بطريقة مبتكرة أساسها لعبة تانغرام على الدولة التركية لدعم مشروعها تعليم العربية

Campaign Ended

Paris World Cup..

by Joud Fakih

Stars academy for sports a Lebanese women football team traveling to Paris for an under 19 tournament . And we need financial

Campaign Ended


by Cyclist of Life Miche..

Micky will cycle 4,000km from Paris to Beirut to raise funds that will support 3 Lebanese NGO's

Successfully Funded
$107,920 Raised(108%) — 116 Funders
Campaign Ended

Dance video of more than 50 Arab dancer..

by Tania Zein

I want to choreograph for the biggest Arab dance video. All the dancers are Arab.

Campaign Ended

Save Fayha Choir..

by Fayha Choir

Reach out a hand to Fayha Choir. Help us continue our path to spread peace through our music...

Successfully Funded
$34,944 Raised(116%) — 97 Funders


by Lebanese Film Festiv..

Support the 12th Lebanese Film Festival!

Successfully Funded
$30,330 Raised(101%) — 70 Funders

Our doors are open | حتى العودة..

by Al Naqab Center for Y..

Support Al Naqab a self-organized, self-funded, grassroots community center in Burj al Barajneh

Successfully Funded
$13,135 Raised(102%) — 96 Funders

Lebfromsky لبنان من السما..

by Jonathan Deeb

Lebfromsky is a page that aims to share the beauty of Lebanon from above to promote tourism.

Campaign Ended


by Sandro

italian singer making his video clip in beirut mix modern oriental music

Campaign Ended

U Discount..

by Ahmad Hijazi

A Social Aiding product designed to meet the needs present within the lebanese society.

Campaign Ended

Start up Restaurant Business..

by Ahmad

brother and sister willing to invest in a small restaurant to help with bills and other stuff

Campaign Ended

Smart Bag..

by Wissam Halabi

My project is a smart bag that helps people to organize their lives and make them more efficient and productive.

Campaign Ended

Job opportunity for Women..

by sandy daoud

A head start for a business that Provides work for stay-home women who need to make some money.

Campaign Ended

Playground in Rashaya el Wadi Public Garden..

by Walid Sayfeddin

Rashaya el wadi has a population of around 7500, 42% under age of 15 ,they Need Safe playgroun

Campaign Ended


by Charbel Sarkis

Shatat App for immigrants & migrants scattered globally,to find each other,communicate,locate;

Campaign Ended

Habbat al baraka..

by Zainab Merheb

It is a social entrepreneurship project that provides work and safe space for women victims.

Campaign Ended

Hope Center for Education and Training .....

by Mohamad alsayed

Hope Center for Education and Training A volunteer team of educated young people the education and training of young men

Campaign Ended

Radio biranin..

by jzg,jhbliukb ijnjpjp..

simple internet radio station for syria by arabic and kurdish

Campaign Ended

Rescue ME - Prisonners Support ( Bloc 1 )..

by Maya

Hygiene Kit, Book Library & establishing classrooms for teaching Prisoners in roumieh prison

Campaign Ended

What'sUp Doc..

by Radwan Massoud

Attempting To Bring Affordable Medicine To Every Lebanese And Refugee in Lebanon

Campaign Ended

Walking Across Lebanon..

by Bilal Salameh

My idea for this project is to walk and hike the mountains of Lebanon for a simple cause : raise funds to support the youth

Campaign Ended

Olive Gardens Resort..

by Eddy Zaarour

We are an Environmental Resort in Lebanon seeking to expand.

Campaign Ended

Kanzaty Kanzatok..

by Makassed Association

To give a little warmth to the needy children

Campaign Ended

Shelter from the Storm..

by BETA Beirut for the E..

Help us put a new roof on the shelter that is home to over 400 dogs. Keep them dry this winter!

Successfully Funded
$22,160 Raised(106%) — 143 Funders


by Dania Adhami

Running in support of 3Families in need in Trablos, to help them start their small businesses

Successfully Funded
$2,045 Raised(102%) — 16 Funders

Support "Who Killed Bruce Lee" for Album Production & Euro..

by Who Killed Bruce Lee

Support Who Killed Bruce Lee // From Beirut to Berlin > Album Recording + European Tour!!

Successfully Funded
$20,905 Raised(116%) — 144 Funders

Make Arts not War..

by Soha Shaer

construct a space to allow refugee children to explore their sense of safety,creativity,& peace

Campaign Ended

Tyre International Short Film Festival..

by Tyre International Sh..

Tyre International Short film festival is the first festival of its kind in South of Lebanon

Campaign Ended

Sheltering Girls and Women, Victims of Violence, Lebanon..

by Dar Al Amal NGO

Shelter for girls and women victims of violence/exploitation, in need of a safe environment

Campaign Ended


by Captain guillaume

The Lebanese and the French army run for solidarity, we raise funds for our wounded soldiers !

Campaign Ended

Sport Unite Youth! Support Sport for Social Change and Sol..

by Rabih Salah

Sports for as many as possible, for a practice of rights, social change and solidarity!

Successfully Funded
$4,500 Raised(113%) — 16 Funders

Bring a Smile to a Child..

by Leila Sawaya

Help sponsor a dinner to honor and reward pediatric nurses at AUBMC

Successfully Funded
$771 Raised(110%) — 7 Funders

Digital Arabic Language - DAL Resources..

by Nehme Nehme

A site to conjugate 15400 Arabic verbs, in all forms and with suffixes - pronouns

Campaign Ended


by Basmeh Zeitooneh

Support our Community Center to Keep Shatila Connected, Empowered and Heard

Successfully Funded
$101,575 Raised(102%) — 229 Funders

Kermelak, a short movie by Juliana Ibrahim..

by Juliana Ibrahim

This movie discusses women ’s struggle with domestic violence and abuse.

Campaign Ended

Vacuum - Life Seems Pointless..

by Josef Kalüf

I swear to you gentlemen, that to be overly conscious is a sickness, a real, thorough sickness

Campaign Ended

DSC Mobile Blood Bank: Going through all the regions to el..

by Yorgui Teyrouz

To fund the renovation of the mobile blood bank that was offered to DSC to organize more drives

Help us start the first Suicide Prevention Helpline for Le..

by Embrace Fund at AUBMC

Every 3 days in Lebanon,we lose someone to suicide.Help us start a Suicide Prevention Helpline.

Successfully Funded
$19,960 Raised(154%) — 153 Funders

Ensa Project - A 2D animated series..

by Pixel For Thought

A 2D animated show that tackles Lebanese social issues based on true events from the viewer

Campaign Ended

Look me in the leg: Reshaping prosthetic limbs..

by Ray Ghafary

We aim to provide amputees with an alternative limb cover offering unusual aesthetic features.

Campaign Ended

1001 Books To Read Before You Die..

by Lynn Natout

Help spread literacy in the Arab World.

Campaign Ended

Break the Silence: Advancing sexual health..

by LebMASH

A capacity building grant to support students' research about sexual health in Lebanon

Successfully Funded
$5,760 Raised(115%) — 57 Funders

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran Festival..

by Aurelien Zouki

Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran, coming together to create a free cultural arts festival in Beirut

Successfully Funded
$18,426 Raised(102%) — 215 Funders

Saida Conference for Young Entrepreneurs 2015..

by Saida Challenge

It is an initiative, done by youths from Saida, to launch a special exhibition of Entrepreneurs

Successfully Funded
$20,352 Raised(102%) — 145 Funders

KAMKALIMA: Arab Creative Culture Jam..

by Siroun Shamigian

Creative industries connect with cultural heritage to produce cross media digital stories.

Successfully Funded
$2,320 Raised(155%) — 12 Funders

Hand in Hand - peace building for kids..

by Al Caravan

paces building between Syrian refugee children and Lebanese children

Campaign Ended

3arabcycle: a collective bicycle journey across the Arab n..

by Zeina

A collective bicycle journey across the Arab nation to connect & build

Campaign Ended

Khbar 3ayletna TV Sitcom..

by محمد ابو فلح..

Khbar 3ayletna is an unfinished TV sitcom of 15 episodes 30 TV minutes each.

Campaign Ended

Flying Gardens - مساحات التبانة الخضراء..

by UTOPIA Organization

Creating green social spaces for children & youth on rooftops of Tabbaneh buildings in Tripoli.

Successfully Funded
$12,745 Raised(127%) — 21 Funders

Global Week for Syria: A WorldWide Concert..

by Hannibal Saad

the multi-disciplinary call for peace and reconciliation in Syria

Campaign Ended

MOTHER TONGUE Contemporary Dance Performance..

by Pierre Geagea

Mother Tongue is a dance performance by deaf-born dancer Pierre Geagea involving signs language

Successfully Funded
$2,096 Raised(105%) — 27 Funders

Vea - Upcycling Inner Tire Tubes into Fashionably Responsi..

by Vea Wear

Upcycling rubber into Responsible Fashion. Vea will be launching a new line of home deco items.

Campaign Ended

LOGI: Empower experts & citizens..

by Georges Sassine

Establishing a global network of experts to help Lebanon benefit from its oil & gas wealth

Successfully Funded
$10,985 Raised(110%) — 117 Funders

Al-Dalhamiyya School..

by Najdanow "nni"

Al-Dalhamiyya School provide educational support for 500 Syrian refugees kids in the camps

Successfully Funded
$18,104 Raised(100%) — 44 Funders

Keytabi, Free Self Publishing ebooks..

by Pierre Douaihy

Self publish your e-book, and sell it online.It's easy and free to publish.

Campaign Ended

Soup for Syria..

by Barbara Massaad

Building Peace through Food is a cookbook dedicated to help Syrian refugees.

Campaign Ended


by Edwin

De-Generation is a 30 minute movie that takes place in the underground world of post-war Beirut

Campaign Ended

Ayach Al Tofoula - #KnowledgeIsPower..

by Ayach Tofoula

Let's give children the right to be educated

Campaign Ended

Skoun Beirut Marathon..

by Skoun Lebanese Addict..

Support Skoun during the Beirut Marathon.

Successfully Funded
$2,580 Raised(103%) — 14 Funders

Be Prince..

by عماد وهبي

There are 3 steps to be a prince, select consumer culture, turn your income, add another job.

Campaign Ended

Beirut&Beyond; International Music Festival 2014..

by Amani Semaan

Beirut&Beyond; is an independent platform for the development of the Arabic music scene

Successfully Funded
$7,040 Raised(101%) — 31 Funders

Asphalt, Truckers on the Road..

by Ali Hammoud

A travelogue of two Arab truckers on the road balanced against the fragile region they cross

Campaign Ended

Luminous Cap (LC)..

by Mahmoud Sabra

A sports cap with exceptional lighting from the front.

Campaign Ended

Amal, a film by Yasmine Ghorayeb..

by Yasmine Ghorayeb

A movie exploring a day in the life of a woman in her struggle to fight domestic violence

Successfully Funded
$17,000 Raised(106%) — 100 Funders

5678 LBDC - Lebanese Best Dance Crew..

by Elie Fleyhan

NEW Lebanese dance movie “5678LBDC” that will be exposed to a large number of audience!

Campaign Ended

Sitcom Lebnene..

by Ralf Karam

Lebanon's first satire animated series about a dysfunctional family living in Beirut.

Campaign Ended

SAMAR Media: Your Citizen Media Web Platform..

by SAMAR Media

An interactive web video platform dedicated to the Arab world and the diaspora.

Successfully Funded
$40,535 Raised(116%) — 110 Funders

The Shittiest Short Film Ever Made..

by Wissam Kamal

I don't have money to make a decent short film , so I parodied the concept of student films

Campaign Ended

Blown-Up Perspectives..

by Rana

The story of Youmna, an anxious girl living in Beirut in the period of terrorist attacks.

Campaign Ended

Villages of the Absent..

by Omario Shami

A poetic documentary about a village in Mount Lebanon living between absence,memories, and hope

Campaign Ended

Soup for Syria..

by Barbara Massaad

Cookbook dedicated to help Syrian refugees. Proceeds will help to build a communal kitchen.

Campaign Ended

Syrian Refugees... organs for sale documentary .لاجىء سوري..

by Dareen Hasan

Syrian refugees in Lebanon now they are facing extreme poverty .they start to sell their organs

Campaign Ended

Deghri Messengers - European Champions..

by Deghri Mesengers

Deghri Messengers' journey to the European Cycle Messenger Championships 2014

Campaign Ended


by Raghad Mardini

ARA is a dynamic space for communication and creation, a collective community for expression.

Successfully Funded
$5,230 Raised(105%) — 17 Funders

ABCycling in Beirut: a guide to cycling in the city of org..

by Siwar Kraytem

ABCycling is a guide and kit to urban cycling in Beirut.

Successfully Funded
$3,670 Raised(122%) — 50 Funders

Alkindy - A Cultural Social Space..

by Najwa Sahmarani

Alkindy is a cultural social space focused on promoting reading for the Tripolitan youth

Successfully Funded
$27,836 Raised(111%) — 220 Funders

Vision: transforming images into 3D..

by Ghiwa Wehbe

"VISION" is a project that is based on transforming still images and prints into 3D animations

Campaign Ended

Kill Your Fat | Losing weight for a healthy Community and ..

by Myriam Dagherayoub

Helping people in losing weight, getting fit again and winning their health back.

Campaign Ended

Mommy Made Empowering Women..

by Mommy made Team

Mommy Made is the 1st catering line that recruits, trains and employs underprivileged mothers

Successfully Funded
$2,530 Raised(101%) — 15 Funders

Assil & Jad - A short film directed by Bane Fakih..

by Bane Fakih

ASSIL & JAD: A short film about marriage, friendships and the importance of dialogue

Successfully Funded
$4,500 Raised(100%) — 25 Funders

Orb: A Sci-Fi short film by Darine Hotait..

by Darine Hotait

Orb is a Sci-Fi short film about immortality, repulsion and Beirut City in the year 2050.

Successfully Funded
$16,193 Raised(101%) — 74 Funders

A novel by Yasmina Hatem..

by Yasmina Hatem

a story that parallels the lives of my two grandmothers, my mother and myself

Successfully Funded
$13,420 Raised(134%) — 72 Funders

Crowdfunding for "A Few Images", Tania Saleh's 4th album..

by Tania Saleh

"A Few Images" is Tania Saleh's 4th album, written and illustrated by herself.

Successfully Funded
$51,165 Raised(128%) — 260 Funders

Online Platform to Promote Youth Talent..

by Zeina Saab

An online platform where marginalized youth can promote their talents and seek opportunities

Successfully Funded
$7,350 Raised(105%) — 34 Funders

Bibies of the World: redefining souvenir gifts..

by Hiba Nassar

Let the Bibies fridge magnets put a smile all over the world!

Successfully Funded
$10,000 Raised(100%) — 22 Funders

Edward Maalouf: Road to Rio De Janeiro 2016 Paralympics..

by Edward Maalouf

Edward Maalouf, a competitive hand cyclist from Lebanon to compete in the Rio 2016 Paralympics

Campaign Ended

Syrian Relief Project..

by Mohamad Melhem

An event to be hosted to raise awareness and funds for a literacy program for Syrian Refugees

Campaign Ended

Zee3 Enta | Be the Guest, Host, and Director..

by Sherif Hossny

New Weird Talk Show giving the chance to speak up freely and to be heard publicly

Campaign Ended

The Beirut Juggles Festival..

by Johnny Girges

Beirut Juggles is a social, educational Circus festival by Cirquenciel & civil society partners

Successfully Funded
$8,125 Raised(102%) — 27 Funders

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