Reapet - Empowering animal care with technology...

by Khalid Zamer

A free online platform to connect pet service providers, vet clinics, animal rescue shelters and pet owners, with Arabic

تأليف كتاب "قاع المدينة"..

by لينا شنّك

أحتاج إلى دعمكم لتأليف كتاب يجمع القصص الشخصية من سكان جبل الجوفة في العاصمة الأردنية عمّان. يمكنكم التعرف علي هنا: https:

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أبتسامة توحد..

by Sanad Kteshat

فعالية ملهمة لنشر الإبتسامة و التوعية عن التوحد في ابريل شهر التوعية عن التو

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Development for Teachers from Palestine & Jordan..

by Raghad Shweihat Nadia..

Help us raise funds for 6 public-school teachers from Palestine & Jordan to attend the Teacher Skills Forum, which will be

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Hana Malhas: Nasi..

by Hana Malhas

Your contribution will bring the album 'Nasi' to life, and send it on its travels across screens, borders, and stages, to

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Support Shams Table..

by Shams Community

With Shams Table, we want to foster community by bringing people together to share a good meal over meaningful dialogue.

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My Letter Village: Reading Arabic Made Easy!..

by Natasha Quariab

My Letter Village: A cartoon & app, that teaches children to read in Arabic & expand vocabulary

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Adam Wa Mishmish Curiculum for Children..

by luma al adnani

An educational curriculum for children to help them learn and love the Arabic language through music and play using Adam

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DJ Sotusura's Debut Album "Saleh El Alhan"..

by Hicham Ibrahim

Support DJ Sotusura's debut album "Saleh El Alhan" - classic Arabic music meets old school hip hop beats. Release 31/1/2019

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Phi Science Institute: Leading the Science Revolution..

by Ahmad JadAllah

Working with well-esteemed scientists through youth and children to create a novel scientific revolution in the Arab region.

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Establishing a self-sustainable prosthetic limb workshop i..

by Sangho Yi

Establishing a self-sustainable prosthetic workshop in Lebanon which will provide a basis of continuous support for the vulnerable

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Support Amer AL-Taher's 2nd Album - Aks alseil..

by Amer AL-Taher

this campaign is to bring together financial contributions to support the launch of Amer Altaher’s second Album, Aks Alseil.

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47SOUL Debut Record : "ShamStep"..

by 47SOUL The Band

Support 47SOUL to create their Debut Record: 'ShamStep'

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Sa3ed: Visit senior homes and celebrate Eid with them..


Sa3ed chefs visit senior homes in Eid; cooking for them their favorite dishes.

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ELMorabba3 to Release Second Album. Keep Independent Arabi..

by ElMorabba3

Support ElMorabba3 to push the boundaries of independent Arab music with our second album.

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SuperSooq : classified newspaper in southern jordan..

by Ahmad Alkiswanee

our goal is to be the first classified advertising newspaper in the southern jordan

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It's My Turn to Change..

by الفت اسحاقات..

We are the students of P.H.School We have hopes to make the world a better place

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Remember Us..

by Dalia Abuzeid

Remember Us, a 70 to 90-minute documentary that will reveal the untold stories of Gaza refugees

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Codability: Teaching Kids Programming Can Change the Arab ..

by Codability Team

Codability offers school students a one-way ticket to the brilliant world of coding, for free!

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يلا يا اردنيات..

by Sanad&Raneem;

تحفيز الابداع للنساء من المرحلة الثانوية الى الجامع

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Keep Makan's Doors Open..

by Makan Art Space

Makan is an independent, non-for profit, open, and accessible art space.

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Hikayati: Books for Young Kids..

by Rania Turk

Series of tactile wordless picture books for kids 0-3, culturally relevant & socially impactful

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Arabic Early Reading App for Children..

by Rama Kayyali

A FREE Arabic App to help v. young children develop early reading skills in Arabic

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Project Booklet: Manage without complications..

by Osama Khaleefa

Mobile App that facilitates planning, tracking, and controlling short-term and small projects

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1337: Arabic Art For All..

by Al-mu'taz Sallam

1337; a rising local project trying to promote Arabic culture through contemporary Arabic art.

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by Hassan Salameh

Great Educational Website in just 1 Stunning Page

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Jordanian Path of Knowledge..

by Anas Dbaeen

An initiative that aims to provide credible scientific content and knowledge to Arab readers

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Sharekna Festival IT'S YOUR MOMENT..

by Sanad Kteshat

For anyone who wants to share his ART,DREAMS,CREATIVITY ,IDEAS .... this festival is for YOU!

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Smart shoe : the smart generation of shoes..

by Iyad Ayyad

Smart shoe has a light from the front in front of and can control from smart application

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كوفي شوب Women..

by Haneen

كوفي شوب women هوكوفي خاص للنساءويتضمن العديدمن المميزات ويوفر فرص عمل للفتيات ويتتضمن فعالياته

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ِABJAD: Deaf-Mute Interactive Tool..

by Ebda'a team - dema & ..

First standalone ultraportable product that help Deaf Mute to communicate like ordinary people

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New Think Theater: Inform, Inspire, Innovate..

by Newthink Theater

New Ideas that inspire, entertain, and above all have a long lasting impact on the audience.

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$5,000 Raised(100%) — 6 Funders

2ayqithini: A new album by Yacoub Abu Ghosh Featuring Lail..

by Yacoub Abu Ghosh

A game changing attempt to recapture the glory of golden age Arabic music in modern settings

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رشق (رياضيات، شطرنج، حفظ القرآن)..

by Maram

تطبيق يهدف إلى تعليم الاشخاص جدول الضرب باستخدام طرق الحساب الذهني والحس بالأعداد عن طريق لعبة.

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راديو ريادي الراديو الامثل في كل الاوقات..

by Iyad Ayyad

راديو على الانرنت يقوم في بث و ارسال بعض المواد من الفيس بوك و ايضا يروج لبظائع الاشخاص

Campaign Ended


by Bashi Kasawneh

A teenage gypsy discovers that a refugee girl has been stealing from his dumpster.

Campaign Ended

SEP Jordan - the tailormade embroideries catalogue project..

by May Al ghoti

We impact marginalized communities by producing eco-friendly, really cool fashion accessories

Campaign Ended

Umbrellas Takaful..

by عاصم البرغوثي..

We will put umbrellas help car owners to find out by passengers who would like to help them

Campaign Ended

Braci - The Wake-me-up watch..

by Anwar Almojarkesh

A wireless solution for detection of emergency alarms and important sounds; App + Bracelet.

Campaign Ended

SMART Tops: The Wearable Healthcare Kit..

by Islam Abualruz

A wearable healthcare device that provides 24/7 medical monitoring.

Campaign Ended

#STEPforJordan, the E-platform for Social Tourism in Jorda..

by I-Dare Community

Supporting local communities by Social Tourism in Jordan

Campaign Ended

360Moms - A parenting website for mothers in the Arab Worl..

by Dina Abdul Majeed

A parenting website for the modern mother in the Arab world. Mission is to empower, inspire, and connect mothers in all Arab

Campaign Ended

Seeds of Future- بذرة لبكرة..

by Sa'eda Shdaifat

It's an Android mobile application that lets people of Jordan order trees for free

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by Mohammad Abu-Ghosh

أنتاج قصص صوتية لحكايات الأطفال ليتمكن أطفالنا ممن حرموا نعمة البصر من الآبح

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Fingerprint project..

by Hanny Khoury

The project sets to break three Guinness world records in a week, under the art

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Amplify Impact..

by Mohammad Abu Musa

Produce two short, story-driven videos for two innovative social ventures in Jordan

Campaign Ended

Black and White: The Most Innovative Wedding Planning Proj..

by Mohammed Al-Shallan

B&W Where All Wedding Ideas & Services Gathering In One Place. B&W Supports Who Doesn't Have Enough Money To Realize There

Campaign Ended

Sukarh - Taste Happiness..

by Hawazin Mohammad

Traditional Arabic sweets presented in a modern way, share happiness and raise our community

Campaign Ended

Autism Therapy Gym..

by Jemman Ammary

Therapy gym and sensory play facility for children with Autism.

Campaign Ended
P Online Knowledge Exchange..

by Sarah Al Souqi is an online convention center that facilitates virtual live tutoring classes.

Campaign Ended


by Classroomer Team

Classroomer is a platform that gives opportunities for educators to invest in their experience and students to elevate their

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School Adoption Program..

by INJAZ Organization

By investing in education, you will be getting the best interest out there: Change!

Campaign Ended


by Ayman Ismail AbuEraq

SPARKA is the annual event of IEEE PES student chapters around the kingdom, being hosted by one of the university chapters

Campaign Ended

Haki Sghar Program: Let Them Tell you Their Needs..

by Ayham Jaroun

I am Tyam, A year ago I launched Haki Sghar program on FB,that spread content to educate parents about the right ways to

Campaign Ended