OrieZone Camp : Develoment & Technology Learning..

by Ibrahim Abdulazeez Om..

to help unskilled individuals learn computer technologies through courses and programming languages and implement all digital

تعلم البرمجة لتطوير ولتمكين المكفوفين(فاقدي البصر)..

by ياسر ارزوقي

انا ياسر من العراق اود تعلم البرمجة في Theweek bootcamp ولكني لا املك المال للتعلم, ان هذه الفرصة مهمه جدا لي لكي اطور نفس

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مشروع جهاز حماية واطفاء تلقائي..

by محمد ماجد

انا مهندس كهرباء قمت باختراع جهاز حماية ذكي يمكن الاستفاده منه خصوصا في للدول التي تعاني من عدم توفر الكهرباء 24 ساعة

Support a Photography Exhibition To Promote Peace In Iraq..

by وسيم

An Iraqi photographer who intend to make an exhibition to highlight a peaceful hobby in order to promote peace in Iraq

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حفلة بابا نوئيل للاطفال النازحين في بغداد..

by جانيت رشو زيا..

حفلة راس السنة 2016 للعوائل المسيحية النازحة من الموصل وسهل نينوى تضم رقص وغناء مع العاب مسلية ومفاجئة وصول بابا نوئيل محم

Campaign Ended

Total Children Education..


TCE its a project idea, Early child education can have positive impact on their learning skills & behavior, if we buld an

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Innovation and upgrading club..

by Muthana

Club provides the exchange of knowledge and a convenient place for programmers and technicians from professionals to beginners

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معمل الأطراف الصناعية نفتح للأمل باب..

by Asim Aljumaily

اسعدهم بمساعدتكم ينشاء معمل صناعة الأطراف الصناعية كل مبتور جراء الحرب يحصل على طرف صناعي

Campaign Ended

Arab Youth Organization..

by محمد العبوسي..

Support the Arab youth organization to stay connected and effective voice heard

Campaign Ended

Peru - Online Store first in Iraq..

by Abood Alsraefe

E first and best market in Iraq - and meet all of your requests

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دعم النازحين والفقراء في بغداد..

by Abood Alsraefe

تتضمن الفكرة هي دعم للنازحين والفقراء في عموم العراق مثل شراء الماكولات والملابس الخ...

Campaign Ended

اذاعة شبابي F.M..

by محمد العبوسي..

ساهم على تطوير اذاعة شبابيF.Mهي احدى انجازات منظمة الشباب العربي وهي اول اذاعة شبابية في العراق

Campaign Ended

مركز تجاري وتسوق صغير..

by مجيد عبود

تجارة استيراد مواد غذائية انشائية فتح اقسام لتوفير الطلبات الخاصة للزبائن البيع للزبائن بالجمله

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended


by abbas fendi

getnow.me is the first Iraqi-mail market, with buyers able to buy browse products with ease

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منع حدوث نوبة الربو..

by Ammar

تتضمن الفكرة تصميم تطبيق على اجهزة الهواتف يكون مرتبط بالتنبؤات الجوية يحذر مرضى الربو قبل وقوع العواصف الترابية للحد من الاختناق

Campaign Ended

Billiard games hall..

by Mahdi Lazem

Hello Games billiards hall project you know very well that the young people in Iraq are subjected to daily pressures findings

Campaign Ended

انشاء قناة كيمرز على اليوتيوب..

by mohammed albirkawi

نحن شباب نريد انشاء قناة كيمرز (العاب9 وسوف تكون القناة فريدة من نوعها من خلال الفكر الشباب

Campaign Ended

Iraq restaurants guide..

by Wissam Alrasheed

Creating a digital guide of the Iraqi Restaurants through a website and smart phones applicatio

Campaign Ended

Let's be creative..

by Abdallahd Ajlouni

Testajlouni Testajlouni Testajlouni

Site to draw personal photos..

by عادل الدراجي..

Project drawing personal images manually and sent by courier or by Tsouriha and send it as a pi

Campaign Ended

My street..

by Ahmed Fouad

Site linking e-commerce and social networking and visit anywhere in the world

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اعادة تدوير المخلفات البلاستيكية..

by أحمد ألاي بيك..

مشروع اعادة تدوير مخلفات المنتجات البلاستيكية الصلبة واللدنة وقناني المياه المعدنية لوفرتها في العراق بكميات كبيرة

Campaign Ended

Surveying Robot..

by Ahmed Fouad

The idea is Robot (plane) works to download the coordinates on the ground and know the ground level

Campaign Ended

Buying Surface Book Device..

by Abdulkareem Al-Saeedi

Greetings I'm need this device to help me with my studies, I'm studying Computer and SW Eng. Ty

Campaign Ended

Project to Create developing company..

by Noor Al-Hassan

Hello Project to create a small developing company in iraq to help young people to work

Campaign Ended
Campaign Ended

Car Spa..

by Raed Barghouti

clean car service be hand the owner home or his office with best service to clean

Campaign Ended

Afnan Karbala Foundation for learning..

by أفنان للإتقاناللغوي..

The project helps the all people to learn and develop themselves to find good job.

Campaign Ended


by ِAli humadi

Entertainment program aims to deliver the voices of young people to all parts of the Arab Alm.b

Campaign Ended

A cultural approach into rehabilitating Yazidi women survi..

by Bahar

Art therapy to yazidi women to improve their physical, mental, wellbeing and rehabilitate them

Campaign Ended

The training of the young women journalists about the art ..

by Feryal Abood

The development of the capacity of journalists to write stories about marginalized groups

Campaign Ended

Hulm team for making short films..

by Aziz Albadry

Support Hulm team for making short films in Iraq

Campaign Ended

Healthy crystal ice-portable cheap mini ice machine..

by حازم محمد

My project is high profit manufacturing, aiming to build cheap portable mini ice machines

Campaign Ended

Beard/Cartoon Project: Cartoon for Refugee and IDPs Childr..

by Ali Jameel

Beard/Cartoon project: To bring childhood life for the Syrian refugee and Iraqi IDPs in Kurdist

Campaign Ended

Iraqi makers community rising..

by Nawres102 Arif

Iraqi maker-spaces united to make their spaces equipped and make their activity legal

Successfully Funded
$24,911 Raised(249%) — 187 Funders

THE BAND.Documentary Film..

by Albaqer Jafeer

Orchestra wants to establish a party in the city of depriving music

Campaign Ended

National Youth Orchestra of Iraq: USA..

by National Youth Orches..

Our summer school in Illinois, performing for peace and understanding to the people of America

Campaign Ended

I-mimic the animation made easy.....

by Nawres102 Arif

Device capturing human motion directly in 3D animation software in real-time & without plugins

Campaign Ended