Masry Market..

by Hany El Masry

An online marketplace for Egyptian-made consumer goods

Block Estate DDO..

by sarmad amjed

Creating an self Funding property autonomous Decentralized Development Organization "DDO"

Auto Parts Webshop..

by Amoura Mohammed Amine

There are no single website to buy auto parts in Algeria! In the archaic way, people still run their cars and visit each

YofoPlus Food delivery & comparing prices app..

by Ahmed Reda Mohamed

Mobile app to order food & groceries & to compare prices in addition to group orders for colleagues.

مساحة عمل ابداعية مع موقع الكتروني..

by Abdulrhman Husein

مشروع عبارة عن مساحة عمل لها فروع في مناطق مختلفه و موقع الكتروني تساعد في توفير فرص عمل للمطورين و المصممين المستقلين .

A website that serves all Arab peoples..

by Mohamed Elnabulsi

Will be the first Arab in the field (selling and buying new and used) Link to my site Features free services

E-commerce web site and wedding directory..

by Mahmoud El-harouny

موقع الكتروني متخصص في مجال الديكورات والتجهيز للزفاف والخدمات المتعلقه بها ,الموقع انشئ باستخدام اقوي المنصات الالكترونيه في مجال ال

تطبيق وئام..

by فاطمة برزق

#لولا_الوئام_لهلك_الإنسان هدفنا الحقيقي خلق بيئة جديدة ندعم فيها المساواة بين اطراف المجتمع عشان نعيش حياة كريمة وندعم أصحاب الهِمَم.

First project to support mangaka..

by mohamed

My site will be supporting mangaka in the world and supporting their talents

HOLY LEBANON - The first religious-based tourism applicati..


HOLY LEBANON Mobile App is a travel E-guide, presenting very comprehensive database for multi-faith religious tourism in

Successfully Funded
$6,060 Raised(121%) — 30 Funders

Help me start Feels Digital..

by Jihad Al Razqi

Web Management, Web Communications, Social Media Interaction made easy!

Successfully Funded
$1,120 Raised(140%) — 6 Funders

Bonne - The First E-Market..

by عادل بيروتي

The first e-market in syria, it will provide online shopping service with all requirements.

Cyber Talents: The Place to Measure your Cyber Skills..

by Moataz Salah

A Platform to Discover Talents in Cyber Scurity through Hackathons & Online Labs and Exams

Successfully Funded
$5,002 Raised(100%) — 17 Funders

SahrnyFm "Radio & Magazine"..

by Sahfrny FM

"SahrnyFM" Radio & Magazine; is a cultural, literary Magazine highlighting Egypt


Project Booklet: Manage without complications..

by Osama Khaleefa

Mobile App that facilitates planning, tracking, and controlling short-term and small projects

Successfully Funded
$5,040 Raised(101%) — 38 Funders

SAMAR Media: Your Citizen Media Web Platform..

by SAMAR Media

An interactive web video platform dedicated to the Arab world and the diaspora.

Successfully Funded
$40,535 Raised(116%) — 110 Funders

Online Platform to Promote Youth Talent..

by Zeina Saab

An online platform where marginalized youth can promote their talents and seek opportunities

Successfully Funded
$7,350 Raised(105%) — 34 Funders